Group buy sites greet more than 400 flocked to the bubble period?

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As a new model for the U.S. launch site for many years to become popular unknown Buying Online.

May 16, the United States, CEO Andrew Group buy site GROUPON announced in the blog, the site has been through the acquisition of the German Group buy site enter the European market. GROUPON was established in November 2008, a month ago, led by the Russian investment company invested 135 million U.S. dollars to the Web site, making it a valuation of more than one billion U.S. dollars.

Before enumerating the Internet upstart, twitter to reach 1 billion valuation took 3 years, facebook took two years, so "New York Times" called it "the craziest in the history of the Internet company."

This family tradition Group buy boast to your website in a short time to attract a number of imitators, who throughout the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia. . . In China, adhering to this pattern of Group buy website also sprung up, according to incomplete statistics, China this model has more than 100 sites.

Chinese Group buy site over the past three months, more than 400 on-line quickly. But the recent "1288 Group buy net payment does not deliver the goods and the refund has been delayed by the police investigation" broke the news in the industry, so Group buy site threshold is low, good and bad of the disadvantages of being raised again.

It is understood that, from early March to the present, the domestic Group buy as many as 400 sites, whether or Web design business model, which more than 400 web sites are the originator of the bulk purchases followed the United States Groupon genes. Groupon from November 2008 on the line every day in a city launched a single product, the larger discount prices through Group buy consumer to attract Internet users. Although no advanced technical innovation, but Groupon or create new miracles in the United States the Internet, only six months, that is profit.

IResearch analyst Suhui Yan said in an interview, due to the localization of Group buy transactions confined to the same city living, this would form a natural barrier in the short term, the company has won a development time, but at the same time, buy Wangzhan commission revenue collected way, difficult to form lasting business attraction. With the overall market competition intensified in the future there must be a number of Group buy website bubble, would fail.

But "with the purchase" ( President Xu Xiangdong, said the reporter, in fact, the Chinese Group buy class site still a long way from the bubble. Xu Xiangdong that the so-called bubble is in a particular area, speculators and venture capital together to create a breeding ground, so that some companies abandoned the standard business model, breaking the traditional pattern of the bottom line, instead focus on how to increase market share.

Being, in addition to handle network, cool group, 24 coupons that have capital to enter, the other sites basically at the beginning, so far has not invested 10 million yuan Jibie the U.S. dollar, the actual funds Group buy the whole site is still using the volume less. In addition, the preliminary estimate, Beijing now able to provide food, beauty, fitness and film services, with nearly 100,000 businesses, in theory, these are the Group buy target sites. In accordance with the existing models, a Group buy on site only one day a product, year 365 Moreover, many businesses can provide multiple services. The so-called Group buy site bubble that now is not suitable.

Google China president, creative workshops Kai-fu Lee, chairman and CEO had thought, buy the site low threshold, easily mimicry. However, the recent 10 years, China's Internet development perspective, portals, search engines, B2C, video website, blog, microblogging, etc., are not copies from a model which other people do?

The "buy together" President Xu Xiangdong that, buy the site technical barriers, financial barriers do not high, but the Group buy site integrity threshold, the service is very high threshold. Group buy site is in fact higher than the service line, we need to find transportation businesses, choose the popular public service, negotiate attractive prices. Group buy website platform itself, the integrity of business integrity or Group buy directly determine the future of the industry Web site.

Ran Wang, CEO of China eCapital that 99% of the Group buy site will close down, leaving the best 35, they will find their own a larger platform.

However, buy site to really made a big business, made a great platform for the existence of many challenges. As for Group buy goods have in common is a high margin. For the consumer, in any industry, often the best selling, most sought-after things may not fit into the Group buy the platform.

They immediately log on several new domestic Group buy website and found a large number of worthless and tables Swim coupons vouchers impressively in the head, and hanging in the site for days, user complaints are not resolved.

Told reporters, a senior Internet, in fact, these sites probably is, "one website", integrity, business services, the interests of consumers simply can not guarantee there have escaped risky to leave. With the market gradually prospered Group buy site, clear rules of the game, some categories lack of popular websites lack the self out. When more capital into the Group buy site industry, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.