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  • Graduation Notes - Database 2010-06-14

    Download: E6% AF% 95% E4% B8% 9A% E6% 80% BB% E7% BB% 93 -% E6% 95% B0% E6% 8D % AE% E5% BA% 93.doc.html

  • Lotus Notes database and comparison of relational database concepts 2010-08-29

    Lotus Notes databases and relational database concepts in database theory more we know, there are foreign models, patterns and points within the model. External mode (also called sub-mode or user mode) is a database of local data users and the charac

  • Modify the Notes database garbage (1) 2010-02-04

    (To ensure that the current Oracle database instance infosys services side character set encoding is in English US7ASCII, and can turn off other examples of services To free from interference) 1. To set the client character set is US7ASCII D: \> SET

  • Modify the Notes database garbled (2) - Backup 2010-02-10

    Bluntly, if your database encoding is in English us7asscii, then you have oracle client code into English, from the registry to find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ ORACLE NLS_LANG to find three items was revised to: american_america.us7ascii (1), e

  • JavaWeb Notes Database Access Technology Review 2010-04-08

    JavaWeb Database Access Technology JDBC is a SQL statement for the implementation of Java API. It consists of a set of written using Java classes and interface. Simply put, JDBC can do three things: * Establish a connection with the database • Send S

  • Notes database design field-null 2010-06-13

    In the work, design the database will inevitably rise to various defects, such as produce null fields, this defect is likely to result in traps sometimes For example: 1. In the use of terms not in query mssql or mysql will have a database of inaccura

  • php Study Notes (database connectivity tools) 2010-08-01

    Company to use php, recently learned php, own review, to sum up my learning process. Program is composed of the most basic data, look to sum up connect to the database, although there are many such online information, but I would suggest to sum up, t

  • Notes database knowledge 2010-09-18

    September 18, 2010 11:53:31 establish oracle dblink syntax is as follows: CREATE DATABASE LINK "linkName" CONNECT TO name IDENTIFIED BY pwd USING '(DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521)) ) (C

  • Organize notes database theory 2010-10-26

    Usually the database and database management system software collectively known as the database system; Structure of the database used to build a variety of ways: relational, hierarchical, network database of the three integrity constraints: referent

  • Oracle +9 i & 10g art of programming: in-depth study notes database architecture / Abstract 2010-12-27

    Abstract: Chapter 1 of Oracle applications developed Bitmap index is only applicable to low base (low-cardinality) value, but frequently updated column does not apply. (So-called low-cardinality column refers to the value of the column can be only a

  • Written in C + + Oracle OCI interface to a Notes database 2010-10-14

    2002/09/29 written by Wooce: Such as buffer size is 8 bytes, OCIStmtFetch2 () function to obtain the records if this time is the actual length of 5 bytes, then OCIStmtFetch2 () function only the first 5 bytes of the buffer fill this made record resul

  • Database Tools MyDbHelper android 2010-08-06

    package com.tdd.db.util; import android.content.ContentValues; import android.content.Context; import android.database.Cursor; import android.database.SQLException; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase; import android.database.sqlite.SQLiteO

  • SQL SERVER database, a complete example of full-text index 2010-11-10

    SQL SERVER database, a complete full-text index of the sample. (The pubs database as an example) First, introduce the system stored procedure using the specific steps to create full-text index: 1) Start the database full-text processing (sp_fulltext_

  • A complete full-text indexing of SQL SERVER Database example 2010-11-10

    A complete full-text indexing of SQL SERVER database example. (In the pubs database, for example) First of all, describes the use of system stored procedures to create full-text index of the specific steps: 1) Start the database full-text processing

  • opensips installation and basic configuration 2010-05-06

    1. Official Website the download package download opensips 2. Compile: tar zxvf opensips-1.6.2-tls_src.tar.gz cd opensips-1.6.2-tls 3. Before installing change the makefile: Remove Makefile in exclude_modules the db-mysql, my

  • Lotus proxy settings permissions 2010-05-07

    If you configured Domino system, you run into a "HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception Error - Error validating user's agent execution access" exception, do not worry. The main reason for this exception occurred as prompt said, not the user's p

  • Achieved with reflective annotations ORM (see at the kind) 2010-05-24

    The reason for writing this program simply because the lazy ^ ^, then, should we use in the company's practice to write jdbc practice, think about it has been a pure jdbc used to write the database, and use Hibernate more good, at least can ibatis, t

  • [Reprinted] a inspirational article 2010-06-09

    Come admit I am writing this is because the title of the party to see a friend in the discussion below with ide Why use vi / emacs Generated the urge to say a few words. In fact, I now use the CLI and not many non-capital program for the past two yea

  • Oracle basic training and (c) 2010-06-30

    1, select 5 / 2, null * 5 from dual, two results obtained were: 2.5, null because: null value not calculation, can not compare; dual name is dumb virtual table or tables, is to: seek expression value. 2, select nvl (enrollment date, sysdate) from the

  • lotus technology Catechism (total one) 2010-09-28

    1, lotus notes 5.0 database application development what is a reasonable order? A: The development of lotus notes 5.0 database application is a rational sequence: One, first of all to share the domain, shared. Second, the first development of all for