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Rob Search www.qiangso.com be called cluster or aggregate search engine search engine (in fact I do not know what is aggregated search), and BD and GG algorithms different. Hey ~ ~

Blood is thicker than water. Know what it means to search the search algorithm that grab an idea.

GG's PR, BD's $ method ($ = ranked first.) GG is the master, BD is a commercial-grade, the algorithm based on the overall site to be its lack of relevance and ranking.

Despite all the rhetoric master the technology to do things or people, some of them are technical things the money man.

  • "Grab search" | [rob Search] qiangso.com algorithm 2010-10-18

    Rob Search www.qiangso.com be called cluster or aggregate search engine search engine (in fact I do not know what is aggregated search), and BD and GG algorithms different. Hey ~ ~ Blood is thicker than water. Know what it means to search the search

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    Copyleft this document owned by yfydz all, the use of GPL, free to copy, reprint, reproduced keep the documents for completeness, for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. msn: [email protected] Source: http://yfydz.cublog.cn References

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