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Go languages is Google's second 2009 release open-source programming language. Go language specifically for multi-processor system application programming optimized, the program can use the Go compile comparable C or C + + code speed, and more security, support for parallel process.

Go Language - Introduction

Go language is Google's launch of a new programming language, can in no loss of application performance to a lower code complexity. Google's chief software engineer Rob Pike (Rob Pike) said: The reason we developed Go, because over the past 10 years the frustrating difficulty of software development.

Go is the 2009 release of the second paragraph Google programming language .2009 in July, Google released a Simple language, which is used to develop a BASIC language Android applications.

Beijing on Jan. 10, 2010, Go Language won the TIOBE the Year Award 2009 announced. The award is granted to market share growth in 2009, most programming languages.

Google senior software engineer Rob? Parker (Rob Pike), said, "Go to my experience the unprecedented development efficiency." Parker said, and today, like C + + or C, Go is a system language. He explained Road, "to use it can be rapid development, while it is a real compiled language, we have reason now to open source, because we believe that it has been very useful and powerful."

In 2007, Google 20% of the Go project began as a research and development, that is, the staff out of their jobs outside the hours of 20% invested in the project. In addition to Parker, the project's members also other Google engineers.

Pike said the Go code compiled to run very close to the speed and the C language, and compile very fast, as in the use of an interactive language.

Existing programming languages were not specifically optimized for multicore processors. Parker said, Go is the Google engineer programming for such a language. It is not aimed at the design programmer, but learning to use it is not very difficult. Go to support object-oriented, and real packaging (closures) and reflection (reflection) and so on.

In the learning curve, similar to Parker that the Go with Java, for Java developers, should be able to easily learn to Go.

Go as a reason to release an open source project to enable the open source community have the opportunity to create a better tool to use Gai language, such as the Eclipse IDE plug-in. There is no support for Go to IDE.

In the current public release of Google all network applications are not using Go. But Google has the use of the language development of several internal projects.

Pike said, Go Will Google Chrome OS upcoming impact, now too early to say, but Go Native Client can indeed be used in conjunction. He said, "Go allows applications to run perfectly within the browser." For example, Go to a more efficient implementation of Wave, either in front or back.

Go also has two compilers, one is built based on the GCC Gccgo, another for 64-bit x86, respectively, and a set of 32-bit x86 computer compiler (6g and 8g). Google is developing its ARM chips and Android devices. Parker said, "Android phone problem is, we have been without a numeric coprocessor."

Go Language - Target

Go goal is to upgrade the existing library and other programming languages dependence (dependency) in the management of the software elements of the application will be invoked repeatedly. Because of parallel programming mode, so this language was designed to solve the multi-processor tasks.

Google began to develop about 2007 Go, and in 2008 into a set of full-time employees. Google originally designed as a system, the language of programming language, can be used in network servers, storage systems and databases. However, Google believes that the language is also expected to be used in other areas.

Go languages - Applications

Since Go is not yet ripe, so Google's various services for users or applications do not use that language. For this reason, Google only needs the assistance of outside programmers.

Parker: We need better libraries and tools, and open source communities in these areas of great help to us.

By creating a new programming language, Google will continue to expand in all aspects of computing, thus promoting the development of these areas. It is also developed Android operating system, Google, Chrome browser and Chrome OS's motivation.

Beijing on Jan. 10, 2010, Go Language won the TIOBE the Year Award 2009 announced. The award is granted to market share growth in 2009, most programming languages.

Go-Go team language

Thompson, 1983 Years Turing Award (Turing Award) and the 1998 National Technology Award (National Medal of Technology) winner. He and Dennis Ritchie is the original inventor of Unix. Thompson also invented the C language was derived from the B programming language.

Pike, who is a Bell Labs (Bell Labs) in the Unix team, and the Plan 9 operating system scheme. He worked with Thompson for many years and widely used to create a UTF-8 character encoding.

Robert Griesemer, who helped make Java's HotSpot compiler, and the Chrome browser's JavaScript engine V8.

There is also Plan 9 developers Russ Cox, and has improved the widely used open source compiler GCC's Ian Taylor.

Go-Go could be why the language?

Google on the Go high hopes. Designed to allow software to fully synchronize multiple multi-core processors, the advantages, and may resolve some of the Object Oriented Programming trouble. It has a modern programming language features, such as garbage collection, to help programmers deal with trivial but important question of memory management. Go the speed is very fast, almost C or C + + program just as fast, and can quickly create processes.

Go Go's website is built with, but Google has greater ambitions. The software is specifically designed for building server software (such as Google's Gmail). Go Google that can be applied to other areas, including the implementation of the software within the browser to replace the role of JavaScript.

Pike said: it is at least in the high level of intensity than JavaScript. Self-built Google Chrome browser, in part because of acceleration performance of JavaScript and HTML, and Google has integrated its own technology, such as the Native Client and Gears.

Pike said, Go to another network-related features, is the server and client devices, such as PC or mobile phone, you can share the work. Therefore, you can easily use the Go service for different client processing performance. Go also solve a major current challenge: multi-core processors. General computer program is usually order of execution, time to carry out a job, but more suitable for simultaneous multi-core processors handle a lot of work. Pike said: We believed they had enough support, can improve this problem.

Go team is seeking help. One important area is to improve the Go be able to use the runtime library. Such library can provide many tools and features to speed up the process of program design. The Go's library also includes a number of important design element, and supplies for dealing with garbage collection and other low-level chores resources.

Go team also needed the compiler assistance. Thompson worked 32-bit and 64-bit x86 processors, and ARM processor has written a number of compilers, Taylor also wrote a Go GCC compiler front-end.

Although Google has great ambitions on the Go, the company also understands that the plan can not completely replace the existing technology. Pike wrote: I do not think we can replace anything. We just create another role in this area.

Go-Go language language features

Simple fast and secure open-source support for generic programming interesting parallel, memory management, an array of safe, fast compiler

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