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GNOME:Ayatana 网站 :

openSUSE社区启动了一个项目GNOME:Ayatana,试图利用openSUSE编译系统将Ubuntu的指示器和Unity UI带到openSUSE上

  • 授权协议: 未知
  • 开发语言: C/C++
  • 操作系统: Linux
  • GNOME:Ayatana 2010-12-30

    GNOME:Ayatana 网站 : openSUSE社区启动了一个项目GNOME:Ayatana,试图利用openSUSE编译系统将Ubuntu的指示器和Unity UI带到openSUSE上 授权协议: 未知 开发语言: C/C++ 操作系统: Linux

  • gnome modify the desktop shortcut icon 2010-04-29

    KDE, you can directly modify the icon right property, in gnome, modify the desktop. Desktop file of the Icon value can be. For detailed analysis, I found an article online Very detailed ~ ~

  • gnome terminal shortcut keys Daquan 2010-05-25

    1, autocompleted: [Tab] This technique should be a lot of people, that is, when the input command, directory or file name when the press [Tab] key. The system will help you to enter what may be padded, if there are multiple choices the system will li

  • Gnome shortcut keys (transfer) 2010-06-07

    GNOME shortcuts General keyboard shortcuts Alt + F1 similar to Windows under Win key, open the GNOME "Application" menu (Applications) Similar to Windows Alt + F2 under the Win + R key combination to run the application in GNOME Ctrl + Alt + D s

  • [Change] for the Ubuntu Server install gnome graphical desktop environment 2010-07-10

    ubuntu server edition did not default graphical desktop (GUI), but can be installed, the following There are two installation methods. First, install all the Gnome desktop environment Ubuntu Series Desktop In fact there are several desktop applicatio

  • Install GNOME 3 at ubuntu10.04 2010-07-26

    GNOME3 getting closer and closer to us today in their own machines try the following gnome shell, the process is recorded. Gnome shell URL: Installation: Now the

  • Linux Desktop: Xfce and Gnome can have the same experience 2010-07-31

    In order to Xiao Yi (Asus EeePC 8G) can run fast, recently used a lot of systems, from WindowsXP Starter Edition to a variety of low consumption Linux distributions (Ubuntu Netbook Edition, Jolicloud, Linux Mint) are tried. Recent trial that Joliclou

  • CentOS install KDE / GNOME + VNC remote graphical interface management (change) 2010-08-16

    CentOS install KDE / GNOME + VNC remote graphical interface management 7 13th, 2010 | Posted by GRY | Filed under Information Technology / Internet Leave a comment | Trackback Using Linux VPS , many people were not used by ssh command line to manage

  • Linux VPS to install KDE, Gnome and VNC 2010-08-23

    Linux VPS to install KDE, Gnome and VNC My Works , by Committee. Windows VPS has a graphical user interface (GUI), Remote Desktop, Linux VPS SSH and only such as Hyper-VM web panel. Today I use a VPS idle installed KDE + Gnome + VNC environment. Inst

  • Use yum to install the linux-based X Window of the GNOME graphical interface 2010-09-03

    Introduction yum Yum (all called Yellow dog Updater, Modified) is a Fedora and RedHat, and SUSE in the Shell front-end package manager. Based on the RPM package management that can automatically download from the specified server and install the RPM

  • Reset gnome settings on Ubuntu 2010-10-01

    Save a copy for all the folders and files. $ Rm-rf. Gnome. Gnome2. Gconf. Gconfd. Metacity Logout and login again. Refer to

  • Ubuntu Server install Gnome, VNC 2010-10-05

    I'm using the Ubuntu Server 10.4 Gnome by installing the basic environment and VNCServer, to achieve remote access to graphical interface under windows server. 1. Install GNOME basic environment $sudo apt-get install gnome-core 2. Installation VNCSer

  • <Switch> GTK QT GNOME KDE relationship 2010-10-16

    A, linux does not have a graphical interface, linux is just the realization of the graphical interface application under linux implementation. Graphical interface is not part of linux, linux is just a command line based operating system, linux, and t

  • An old culture: the famous free software jihad - "KDE / QT. VS. Gnome / Gtk" 2010-10-16

    Qt is a cross-platform C + + graphical user interface library, produced by the Norwegian TrollTech company, now includes Qt Based on Framebuffer the Qt Embedded, rapid development tools Qt Designer, Qt internationalization tools Qt Linguist and some

  • Ubuntu in the desktop environment to install and uninstall Gnome.KDE.XFACE 2010-12-10

    Ubuntu, Gnome, KDE, XFACE desktop environment to install and uninstall A) In the terminal run the installation: 1, the installation XFACE: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop point above the menu "Applications - Accessories - Terminal" into the

  • freebsd 8.1-base configuration (the network. port.package.x11.gnome) 2011-01-16

    This coming from the deep originality:, reproduced, please indicate the source. 1, the user can configure the log with SU privileges, is that you can go to the root user. Directly modify / etc / group file, the correspond

  • MinGW / MSYS / GNU / GTK / GNOME download location for a variety of packages 2011-02-15

    MinGW / MSYS MinGW, a contraction of "Minimalist GNU for Windows", is a minimalist development environment for native Microsoft Windows applications. MinGW provides a complete Open Source programming tool set which is suitable for the developmen

  • CentOS installation Gnome 2011-02-20

    At first installed the system, did not choose Gnome or KDE, now want to put on a play. Simple installation can refer to this: centos installation is to use linux text mode installation does not install xwindow

  • GNOME 3 updates every day is good 2011-02-23

    From the official GNOME 3 is still some time to complete, but to satisfy everyone's curiosity, GNOME project team has been on line a new GNOME 3 official website, and here describes some of the core GNOME 3 functions and areas of focus. By GNOME 3, G

  • Linux GNOME Desktop skills Daquan 2011-02-26

    Window is maximized, drag the title bar directly, you can immediately narrow the window, if just let go, and again back to the desktop edge, but also to maximize the recovery immediately. Would also facilitate the temporary view is maximized window c