Get method of dealing with a plus sign

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  • Test Group to report a bug, only to find the next check is to use get method of turning the parameters of a plus sign, fix it.

With the get method, parameters, there are "+", the need to do processing, otherwise the background will become a space


1, use p ost method, ok

2, in the js, he devoted url = encodeURI (encodeURI (XXX)), the background and then decoded once, ok

3, where the parameter to convert the plus sign

data = data.replace (/ \ + / g, "% 2B");

/ / data = data.replace (/ \ & / g, "% 26");

  • Get method of dealing with a plus sign 2009-10-10

    Test Group to report a bug, only to find the next check is to use get method of turning the parameters of a plus sign, fix it. With the get method, parameters, there are "+", the need to do processing, otherwise the background will become a spac

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