Function-boost C + + usage in split

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# Include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp>

string in_path = "test1,test2,test3,test4,test5";
        std::vector<std::string> m_currentPath;
        boost::algorithm::split(m_currentPath, in_path, boost::algorithm::is_any_of(","));

        for(size_t i = 0;i<m_currentPath.size();i++){
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  • Function-boost C + + usage in split 2010-05-03

    # Include <boost/algorithm/string.hpp> string in_path = "test1,test2,test3,test4,test5"; std::vector<std::string> m_currentPath; boost::algorithm::split(m_currentPath, in_path, boost::algorithm::is_any_of(",")); for(size_t

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