(Forward) the use of crossdomain.xml for Flash / Flex can transfer data across domains

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Requirements: address domain name www.a.com and www.b.com communication problems between the

Using falsh / flex resolve cross-border transmission of data is the key to crossdomain.xml file

I. Overview

Flex or Flash, the students played all know, if you want the inside cross-domain access to data in Flash, you must configure the other server crossdomain.xml. Specifically, such as your Flash in the domain A below, and you want to access domain B exposed web service, then the domain B of the server root directory must have a crossdomain.xml file to configure that you have this permission. This is the Flash Player security restrictions.

Second, the test

We provide testpage.htm test page on the www.a.com this machine. Then in the page SetWebIMNetwork () This function is written as SetWebIMNetwork ("www.b.com", 5293), this page can connect to the server where www.b.com.

The following is the contents of crossdomain.xml (this is not limited connection, so not safe, it is best just to write up your own domain name, to avoid unauthorized domain name from the page to connect to):

<? Xml version = "1.0"?>
<! DOCTYPE SYSTEM Cross-domain-Policy " http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd " ;>
<allow-access-from domain="*" />
</ Cross-domain-policy>

If you need specific control, you can use the specific domain name and port, such as:

<allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="5293" />
<allow-access-from domain="*.foo.com" to-ports="507,516" />
<allow-access-from domain="" to-ports="2000-6523" />
<allow-access-from domain="www.foo.com" to-ports="507,516-523" />
<allow-access-from domain="www.bar.com" to-ports="*" />
</ Cross-domain-policy>

In addition, A machine, testpage.htm B loaded on the machine so that Flash can refer to the following:

<Object classid = "clsid: d27cdb6e-AE6D-11CF-96b8-444553540000" CODEBASE = " http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab # Version = 8,0,0, 0 "width =" 83 "height =" 23 "align =" middle ">
<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" />
<Param name = "Movie" value = " http://www.b.com/CommP2.swf " ; />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff" />
<Embed src = " http://www.b.com/CommP2.swf " ; Quality = "High" bgcolor = "# ffffff" width = "0" height = "0" name = "external2" align = "Middle "allowScriptAccess =" Always "type =" Application / x-Shockwave-Flash "pluginspage =" http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer " ; />
</ Object>

A page called flash of SetWebIMNetwork, set the network to connect to B, when B is connected, flash will first visit the server to be connected without crossdomain.xml policy file and check whether your domain name where the connection is allowed, if allowed, to be connected, otherwise the connection fails.

Flash cross-domain calls issue Js, because we offer interactive Flash plug-in and Js, if the js and the Flash in a different domain, js method calls within the flash, there will be mistakes. So add Flash to use <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" />

Mechanism of such cross-domain, you do not have to worry about other websites can connect to your WebIM server, you can simply write in the crossdomain.xml in the domain name to allow connection to it. And is equipped with accurate goods, even with a different second level domain name, not in the crossdomain.xml authorized, they can not connect to your server.

Therefore, crossdomain.xml, the best not to use a wildcard *, please limit the domain name you want to allow good

Third, crossdomain.xml file format

crossdomain.xml format is very simple, its root is <cross-domain-policy>, its next node contains one or more <allow-access-from>, <allow-access-from> has an attribute domain, the value to allow access to the domain, you can be the exact IP address, an exact domain or a wildcard domain (any domain). Below are two examples:
<? Xml version = "1.0"?>
<allow-access-from domain="www.163.com" />
......// Free to add more addresses.
</ Cross-domain-policy>

For versions prior to Flash Player 9, the crossdomain.xml file something like this:
Xml Code

  1. <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
  2. <! DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM
  3. "Http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">
  4. <cross-domain-policy>
  5. <allow-access-from domain="*" secure="true" />
  6. </ Cross-domain-policy>

The above configuration allows access to all the domain data exposed by the current server (such as web service). Property which you can specify the domain specific rules. secure attribute is used to set up your data is exposed by walking https protocol.

But in terms of Flash Player 9, crossdomain.xml file content, there was greater change, because Flash Player 9's security mechanism to be changed. So when I use the Flex 3 cross domain web service call, the crossdomain.xml file also uses the above results to get an error saying security error. So a bit of a moment, get the following solution, in fact, is to change the contents of crossdomain.xml:

Xml Code

  1. <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
  2. <! DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM
  3. "Http://www.macromedia.com/xml/dtds/cross-domain-policy.dtd">
  4. <cross-domain-policy>
  5. <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all" />
  6. <allow-access-from domain="*" />
  7. <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="*" />
  8. </ Cross-domain-policy>

Flash Player 9 or above is required by the contents of crossdomain.xml. You can see two more tag. One site-control is optional, but allow-http-request-headers-from the web service for cross domain indeed necessary. If you do not allow the header, will be the same as my previous error. The specific meaning of these configuration items, and other optional configuration items, refer to http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/flash_player_9_security.pdf

View the local version of flash player: http://www.playerversion.com/

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