Forward and back browser button to switch state

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Flex browser manager that allows users to forward the browser back button to navigate application. Because the browser manager can track the status of the switch.
Said before, each state is a new interface, rather than a new page. However, the browser also allows switching between different states. How to do that? Look at the background.
BrowserManager: a Singleton manager for the browser and act as a proxy between applications. Use it to access the browser's address bar URL, which is to visit the document.location property similar to JavaScript. It has a getInstance () method returns a IBrowserManager class.
IBrowserManager: shared instance of the realization by the BrowserManager interface. init () method: initialize BrowserManager. fragment attributes: the current URL displayed in the browser address bar, the "#" after the section.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- states\StatesBrowserManager.mxml -->
<s:Application xmlns:fx=""
                        import mx.managers.BrowserManager;
                        import mx.managers.IBrowserManager;
                        import mx.utils.URLUtil;
                        // The search string value.
                        public var searchString:String;
                        //  An instance of the BrowserManager class  .
                        private var browserManager:IBrowserManager;
                        // When the application is complete.   BrowserManager.
                        public function initApp():void {
                                browserManager = BrowserManager.getInstance();
                                browserManager.addEventListener(BrowserChangeEvent.BROWSER_URL_CHANGE, parseURL);
                                browserManager.init("", "Browser Manager for View States");
                        //  When the user presses the go-ahead triggers an event when the button, the event processor from  URL The value in the received State, thereby  . With his
                        // Set the current status of the  .
                        private var stateFromURL:String;
                        private function parseURL(e:Event):void {
                                var o:Object = URLUtil.stringToObject(browserManager.fragment);
                                stateFromURL = o.state;
                        //  When you change address status changes  .
                        private function updateURL(myCurrentState:String):void {
                                var s:String = "state=" + myCurrentState;
                        //  When you press the go button to execute the method  .
                        //  It will change the State, as well as the call  updateURL() Method to change the  URL.
                        public function doSearch():void {
                                currentState = "results";
                                searchString = searchInput.text;
                        //  Click on the reset button to execute the method  , This method is the state changes to the default value, and change.  URL
                        public function reset():void {
                                currentState = '';
                                searchInput.text = "";
                                searchString = "";
                <!-- The state for displaying the search results -->
                <s:State name="default"/>
                <s:State name="results"/>
        <!-- In the default state, just show a panel
        with a search text input and button. -->
                         title="Search" title.results="Results"
                         width="10%" height="10%"
                         width.results="100%" height.results="100%">
                <s:SkinnableContainer defaultButton="{b}">
                        <s:Button includeIn="results"
                <s:TextInput includeIn="results"
                                          text="Search results for {searchString}"/>
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