Flowplayer the openx ad plug

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flowplayer openx advertising methods used:

$f("openx", "http://static.flowplayer.org/swf/flowplayer-3.1.3.swf",  {
    plugins: {
        openAdStreamer: {
            "url": 'http://static.openvideoads.org/downloads/flowplayer.org/OpenAdStreamer.swf',

             * Instruct the Open Ad Streamer to only play HTTP progressive streams and
             * start playing immediately when the player is loaded.
            "deliveryType": "progressive",
            "autoPlay" : true,

             * Define the shows to play - in this case we're going to play 30 seconds of
             * a HTTP stream "the-black-hole.mp4"
            "shows": {
               "streams": [

             * Defines the region on the player that we wish to use to display the overlay ads
            "overlays": {
               "regions": [
                       "id": "bottom",
                       "verticalAlign": "bottom",
                       "horizontalAlign": "center",
                       "backgroundColor": "#000000",
                       "padding": "-10 -10 -10 -10",
                       "width": 338,
                       "height": 38

             * Defines the ads to schedule against the show streams - we've specified a
             * pre-roll and overlay ad
            "ads": {
               "server": {
                  "type": "OpenX",
                  "vastURL": "http://openx.openvideoads.org/openx/www/delivery/fc.php"

               "schedule": [
                      "zone": "5",
                      "position": "pre-roll"
                      "zone": "45",
                      "startTime": "00:00:05",
                      "duration": "15",
                      "position": "bottom"

            "debug": {
               "levels": "fatal,vast_template",
               "debugger": "firebug"
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