Flex XML configuration file to read summary

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1. Using the Model tag form

Outset Model tags

<mx:Model source="config.xml"/>

xml of the form:

Xml Code

1. <config>
3. <username> Flex </ username>
5. <password> 123456 </ password>
7. </ Config>


<username> Flex </ username>

<password> 123456 </ password>

</ Config>

Flex code

1. <mx:Label Text="{model.username}"/>

<mx:Label text="{model.username}"/>

So, only in the initialization event can be called directly, for example: model.username, model.password can get to the desired value.

2. Using URLLoader
Flex code

1. <Mx: Application xmlns: mx = "http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
2. Layout = "absolute"
3. Initialize = "init ()">
4. <mx:Script>
5. <! [CDATA [
6. Import mx.controls.Alert;
8. Private function init (): void
9. (
10. Var urlrequest: URLRequest = new URLRequest ("test.xml");
11. Var loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader ();
12. Loader.load (urlrequest);
13. Loader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, completehandler);
16. Private function completehandler (event: Event): void
17. (
18. Var xml: XML = new XML (event.target.data);
19. Alert.show (xml.toString ());
22. </ Mx: Script>
23. </ Mx: Application>

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