flash timeline control commands

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In the Flash animation script to control video playback order, including play, stop, gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop so, here we will introduce these commands.
1, play (play) stop (stop) command through the key-frame, add a button or movie clip instance, or stop orders can play Flash movies to play or stop control. play the main function is to allow the command to stop the animation continues to play, it does not have any parameters, the specific use of the following:
play (); for example, a button we can add the following statement:
on (press) (
play ();
) The above statement is to achieve the functionality is that when the left mouse button, when pressed to animation to play. stop and play the role of the contrary is a command, which is used to pause playback of the animation to stop. If a key frame to add a stop command if the Flash to the time frame will stop until the play command to continue playing. stop the command without any parameters also the specific usage as follows:
stop (); we have had experience: making good on the Flash file in the implementation of "Test Movie" command when the animation loop is always playing over and over again. If you want the animation only plays once, we can add a key frame for the final stop order to achieve.
2, goto (jump to a frame) command frame jump is a very important command goto timeline control commands, it is mainly used to control the animation playback head jumps, including two command gotoAndPlay and gotoAndStop. gotoAndPlay command function is to allow players to achieve the first jump to a scene from the frame of a frame and start playing. The syntax is as follows:
gotoAndPlay (scene, frame); which parameters can only be used in the timeline. Parameter frame is the first player to jump the frame number or frame label. Note: The frame components instance name tags and more similar, the specific setting method: select a key frame, and then press Ctrl + F3】 【group and the healthy open the "Properties" panel "frame label" box, enter a label string can be. gotoAndPlay command is mainly used in the key frame or button, such as the following example:
gotoAndPlay (20);
gotoAndPlay ("scene1", "fra"); the above statement, before a function is to play the first jump to the current scene of the first 20 and start playing from that frame. Achieved after a function is to play the first jump into the scene "scene1" in the frame label "fra" key frame and start playing from that frame. You can add the above code to a key frame is used to control the play head jump.
gotoAndstop command and gotoAndplay command but mean the opposite is true. In addition there are nextFrame and prevFrame.
nextFrame order to achieve the function is to play the first jump to the next frame, use the following:
nextFrame (); prevFrame order to achieve the function to play the first jump to the previous one, use the following:
prevFrame ();
This carried over: http://www.5uflash.com/flashjiaocheng/Flashjichucaozuo/2993.html

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