Flash Developer Conference 2010 Shanghai notebook

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The conference really is fun, like to see Avatar, the last addition of dozens of chairs, many people are still standing. Lectures are also pretty good, first introduced about a grand as the sponsor 18 funds (although the 18 fund founder Yu-publicity the day before departure and then the grand aspect 。。。), world (currently one of the most successful WEBGame maximum monthly income of 10 million) of the producer and technical director spoke about development of ideas and experience. Bo followed 7yue.com Speaker of the adobe of the social game of attitude, and prepared to provide what tools and solutions, and talked about Flash the next development plan, this one feels is the most interesting piece is a large amount of information. Then about a flash in the GC, flash and camera identification (not very relevant to this feeling and flash), flash optimization and experience something.

Notes generally order a bit:

<strong> on game design: </ strong>

Players will need a social experience in the game: to be recognized, to be appreciated

Allow users to stay in a game a long time, the design goal of the game is a little difficult to achieve.

The social nature of the game is reflected in three aspects: 1, fight, (fight), 2, competition, and (top), 3, and (the Society)

Paid early game props are important (because most people at this time, make money, mainly in the beginning)

The first fight is very important, fundamental to quit losing games.

Need some free players, to be paid player bullying. . .

WEB forced long hook is a major problem (there is no one to constantly look at the ground to hit you)

socail game: not just to play games while playing a game, but to other people can exchange between

<strong> Information & Data: </ strong>

Review World Development 6 (total 20), cycle 1 year, 100 districts, while 10 million people online, registered two million, the highest monthly income of 10 million

IPhone have a flash can be achieved with a javascript virtual machine LLVM

The advantages of social game: Word of Mouth, a very short period of time can achieve a great amount of users

2008 social game of APRU (average of a number of active users can generate revenue), is 2 dollars abroad, 5-10 in 2011 to reach U.S.

social game of challenges: a cultural challenge, 2, growth, distribution, 3, analysis of data, mining user needs, 4, cloning, copying

google anlytise can analyze a lot of user data, adobe will be launched later in a system, users can know what action points more, which points less and so on statistics.

flash will join the p2p module, RTMFP distribution media and files using P2P

flash is now 98% penetration rate, 800M mobile terminal can be upgraded within 6 months 82% of clients

<strong> flash development skills, experience: </ strong>

flex sometimes run very slowly because itemrender lead to too many objects, and improved way to delay the initialization of an object, the custom component on the off unnecessary features

flash GC management strategy: 1 reference count (drawback is that circular references will not be released), 2, logo removal method (disadvantage is that a lot of energy resources)

Also, if class members have their own memory will recall addeventlistener can not afford to, but can be recycled for other classes addeventlistener

Proposed tween (slow moving class) to his release

flash meta-data types (assigned the value of time is copy, copy the other person quoted Yang): int, number, boolean, uint, String

flash frame rate problem: flash control with the marshal to the thread, swf itself is single-threaded.

marshal of the thread control of priority: 1, Sound, 2, video, 3, animation, 4, logic

marshal control thread execution sequence: 1, access to all the event 2, user code 3, pre-rendered, 4, shows

marsha shortest cycle 17ms, that is up to 60hz

Some of the recommendations of the flash program:

1, simplified UI (less container like layout, such as vbox, hbox, this would lead to go when the event distribution of several layers)

2, GC is not memory management, needs its own self-management

3, layering clear mechanism