Five free open source data mining software

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Article describes the Internet that the five free open source data mining software, in turn.


Five free open source data mining software Orange is a component-based data mining and machine learning software suite, its function is friendly, and very powerful, fast and multi-purpose visual programming front-end for browsing data analysis and visualization, based binding the Python for scripting. It contains a complete set of components for data preprocessing, and provides the data accounts, transition, modeling, model evaluation and exploration capabilities. Its by the C + + and Python developers, and its graphic library Qt is a cross-platform framework for development.


RapidMiner , formerly YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment), it is the one for machine learning and data mining and analysis of the test environment, and to study the real-world data mining. It provides a large number of experiments by the composition operator, which operator XML file from the detailed records, and was RapidMiner graphical user interface shown. RapidMiner as the main machine learning process provides more than 500 operators, and, the combination of learning programs and the Weka learning environment property evaluator. It is a standalone tool can be used to do data analysis, is also a data mining engine can be used to integrate into your products.


Five free open source data mining software developed by the Java Weka (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) is a well-known machine learning machine software, which supports several classic data mining tasks, significant data preprocessing, clustering, classification, regression, virtualization, and function selection. The technology is based on the assumption of a single file or data associated, where each data point is marked by many attributes. Weka uses Java's ability to access the SQL database links database and can handle a database query results. Its main product is the user access to Explorer, also support the same features as the command line, or a component-based knowledge flow interface.


Five free open source data mining software for scientists, engineers and students designed jHepWork is a free open source data analysis framework, which is mainly used open source library to create a data analysis environment, and provide a rich user interface, and those fees in order to software competition. It is mainly used for scientific computing two-and three-dimensional graphics, and includes implementation using Java Mathematical Sciences Library, random number, and other data mining algorithms. jHepWork is based on a high-level programming language Jython, of course, Java code can also be used to call jHepWork math and graphics libraries.


Five free open source data mining software KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is a user-friendly, intelligent, and a rich play of open source data integration, data processing, data analysis and data exploration platform. It gives the user the ability to visually create data flows or data channel, optionally run some or all analysis steps, and the back of research results, models and interactive view. KNIME by the Java languages, and through its Eclipse plug-ins based on the way to provide more functionality. Through a plug-in files, the user can file, pictures, and time series Jiaru processing module, and can be integrated into a variety of other open source projects, such as: R Language, Weka, Chemistry Development Kit, and LibSVM.

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