Finishing two flash works with the shader

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A wave of a pixel, can be used in scene change the filter ...
As a note in the project source code, shader source code with the blog

  • Finishing two flash works with the shader 2010-10-25

    A wave of a pixel, can be used in scene change the filter ... As a note in the project source code, shader source code with the blog

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    Effects and source code: (This code uses the framework of my own js that he modify the code, please be sure to reference the framework of my trial, there would be an error) (Be sure to try the non-ie browser, Safari, and highly recommend chrome, othe

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    Flash MTV produced the first priority is to make full preparations, most people make a decision after MTV did not make the necessary preparations for the eager hands, often at the beginning of work fast, but soon was unable to start, I do not know wh

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    Part1: Currently I do the research ActionScript3.0, its ability to make me very excited. It brought a lot of native execution speed possible (the original sentence The raw execution speed by itself provides so many possibilities. Raw meant raw, origi

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    今天,Adobe宣布Flash Player 10 Beta版本的正式发布,这个项目之前代号为"Astro".由于JavaFX和微软的Silverlight这些竞争者一直也都在竭尽全力地开发他们自己的解决方案,所以Adobe Flash Player 10将会包含大量显著的强化以在竞争中占据不败之地.这个播放器可以在Adobe Labs站点下载到. Wired.com高度总结了其中关键的增强部分: 这是下一代的Flash Player--它承诺了更强的性能.改善了的文本处理.可自定义的

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    Read only lament that so many years GOOGLE [Google] white with a ~ This is the Baidu never go beyond the reason why ~ G Premise: English Google → or First In the search box, enter: "indexof /" inurl: lib Then search

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    Google the first part of the powerful surface, let it peeping Recently, the online circulation of some use google search webcam address. By google users can enter a code which installed around the world capture webcam. And can adjust the camera angle

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    The first part of the powerful google surfaced, let us peep it Recently, a number of popular online search with google webcam address. Users can enter through google for some code which installed around the world capture webcam. And can adjust the ca

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    Premise: English Google → First In the search box, enter: "indexof /" inurl: lib Then search you will access to many libraries, and will be able to download their favorite books. In the search box, enter: "indexof /" cnk

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    Written as3 works, there are several areas need attention 1: Synchronous security policy document crossdomain.xml, after the completion of security documentation before downloading the content of the download: implementation: loader.load(new URLReque

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    Operating Explain [generate] Real-time (JIT) compiler to generate machine code AS3. [mark] Flash Player tag to garbage collection of active objects. [newclass] Definition of Flash Player category. Typically, this occurs at startup, but the new class

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    Outside of a blog site to see for themselves what made the original address is summarized and extended GAIA Official website For front-end developer, Flash Point for

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    A, SNS community java system architect 1, maintain, and optimize the mass data WEB community structure under high-reliability, high scalability, high security; 2, systems thinking, to grasp the overall situation, the overall design and key technical

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    Flash from the Motion Picture Arts: Flash animation and cartoon production of innovative navigation It seems most of the article here on AS, but in fact a large part of flash is less than AS, and just I do have a flash and traditional ani

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    Find cmd + f Replace cmd + r or ctrl + h Rename ctrl + r Quick Open Class cmd + o Quick to open the file ctrl + O Open the project cmd + O Close type cmd + w Ctrl + tab to switch classes Switch engineering interface cmd + 1/2/3 Full-screen shift + es

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    Flash video audio support is very good, easy access to the video, after which you can be processed into your favorite look. This article demonstrates how Flash is the video data capture and processing for the grid. Choice, your computer should have t

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    First, the time axis (Timeline) Time axis is the animation and video in an important concept in software. It is equivalent to the use of photographic film director table. In the actual filming, the director of photography to record and control the en

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    flash is everywhere, and not just exist in the mature online or offline movies, websites, games and applications, it also can be made for the DVD and broadcast television. In fact, in my first year as a flash user, for a few flash radio system progra

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    Keyword: [1u] Dyeing and Finishing Process (3) - silk and silk scouring [/ 1u] § 1 Overview silk shall be subject to any kind of scouring process. Silk scouring the state for fiber vary. The use of silk fabrics to fully refined, the refined silk and