filezilla appears "530 No more connection allowed for this IP" solution

2010-04-18  来源:本站原创  分类:Tech  人气:281 

In the Chinese environment, the open source FileZilla FTP client ftp client software often encounter the following type of problem.

Ubuntu in WindowsXP or use FileZilla FTP client to download a file, there "530 No more connection allowed for this IP" in the error message, can not download the file. After studying the FileZilla FTP client settings, found at the site under the "Transfer settings" will "Limit number of simultaneous connections" selected, "Maximun number of connections" set to "1", then confirm the remedy can not be downloaded problem.

Another: If garbled FileZilla FTP client, you can try FileZilla FTP client in the corresponding site of the "Charset" select "Force UTF-8" to resolve.