Enzyme oxygen bleaching process of a bath temperature

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    Keyword: Rapid oxygen bleaching process 1, product variety cotton, polyester, lycra, linen and blended products, soybean fiber, bamboo fiber, Tencel (Tencel), Modal, acrylic, Gray category, cheese, yarn and other products. 2, use of equipment overflo

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    Keyword: Oxygen Bleaching Agents and oxygen bleaching process Xushun Cheng ZHAO Si-Wei Wang Zhenglan China Textile Engineering Society knitting and finishing school group (266071) Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Qingdao Dragon Tower (266 000) Toray Knitting

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    Keyword: Cotton and polyester / cotton fabric pretreatment, about 80% of the current international fabrics are used for more than retirement, boiling, bleaching or withdrawal of a bath, cook, cold pad-batch bleaching process. In order to explore the

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    Keywords: bleach, oxygen bleach additives There are also selective bleaching of oxygen delignification poor and weak capacity shortcomings. Poor selectivity, that is, in bleaching, both with the lignin reaction, but also to the degradation of carbohy

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    Xiao-Jun Yang, Xu Hongjiang (Wuxi open to Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Wuxi 214264) cellulose fibers of the original fabric as cotton weaving and the reasons for their quality, weave density unevenness, and contains a large number of impu

  • One-bath enzyme oxygen - low temperature bleaching process 2010-02-16

    Keyword: 1, Introduction biorefining enzyme pre-treatment Despite a wide range of application tests, but most of the factories only selectively applied in individual dark color, the application has some limitations. And in the subsequent dyeing proce

  • Viscose / linen oxygen - oxygen double-bleaching process 2010-02-14

    Keywords: pre-treatment, blended fabric, cotton fibers, rayon fibers, flax Hayashi 0 Introduction flax fibers and cotton fibers are cellulose fibers, but both the cellulose and other chemical substances in the different fibers have different physical

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    Keyword: 1, pretreatment oxygen bleaching 1, process quality requirements: Good pre-treatment is successful dyeing half after the oxygen bleaching of fabrics to achieve uniform (uniform), through (thorough), net (excluding impurities, alkali, acid, o

  • Silica as Stabilizer of Oxygen Bleaching 2010-02-14

    Keywords: oxidative bleach, stabilizer, sol, properties, application Gong Jingjing, Xue-Rong Fan, Wang Qiang (Southern Yangtze University, Wuxi 214122) 0 Preface silica sol, also known as acid water is an inorganic polymer, which is the hydration of

  • Sol on the oxygen bleaching of inhibition of Fe3 + 2010-02-16

    Xue-Rong Fan, Gong Jingjing, Wang Qiang, Zhang Jing (Jiangnan University, Key Laboratory of Ecological Textile, Wuxi 214122) 0 Introduction of oxygen in the bleaching process of cotton fabrics, the hydrogen peroxide decomposition by temperature, pH,

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    Keyword: H2O2 Bleaching of oxygen bleaching process a wide adaptability and bleaching methods are ① rolling drift (steaming bleach, is the most widely used one, continuous process, high efficiency, to multi-width steaming); ② Baptist drift (Jigger wi

  • Linen / Viscose Yarn Bleaching Process 2010-02-16

    Keyword: In order to improve the whiteness of yarn, we must be bleached. Bleaching test the following two recommendations: 1, urea hydrogen peroxide as an activator of scouring and bleaching process: in the presence of urea, with hydrogen peroxide bl

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    Keyword: Hydrogen peroxide bleaching process for the yarn for yarn bleaching hydrogen peroxide bleaching equipment should be. Main methods are: high temperature high pressure dyeing machine yarn bleaching, bleaching of high temperature and pressure c

  • Oxygen bleaching hole 2010-02-16

    Keyword: The generation of oxygen bleaching holes because of the oxidation of the transition leading to the phenomenon of fiber serious brittle damage, but the main reason for the metal catalyst to the rapid decomposition under the action of hydrogen

  • Original cloth with a boiling pot rope-like device after training on oxygen bleach, now want to cook for a bath cloth pot bleaching process, can 2010-02-16

    Keywords: scouring, oxygen bleaching Implemented using pot boiling cloth in one bath scouring and bleaching process is feasible, a plant is mature technology introduced as follows: Cotton sheets (875g / article), M083-based fabric high temperature an

  • Oxygen bleaching scouring enzyme 188 in the thin cotton fabric high count before treatment 2010-02-14

    Keywords: 7.3, tex cotton, oxygen bleaching scouring enzyme 188, desizing - bleaching, strength damage Of: the piano, Xu Liangying, Yue Shifang (Changzhou Textile Garment Institute of Technology, Changzhou 213164) high count cotton fabric with its th