Enterprise BPM into practice analysis

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Enterprises have grown rapidly while managing the challenges are only just started, especially recently in the global competition and margins are being squeezed the trend, the operating environment unprecedentedly complex and changeable, may become less and less room for error, a mistake must pay the cost is getting higher and higher. In addition, the excessive pursuit of performance and productivity, cost consciousness is weak, raw materials, semi-finished products of slow-moving stock may thus rapid expansion, resulting in a liquidity crisis. Structural analysis of products from manufacturing Eighty per cent of the original material over the cost of network communication products as much as Jiucheng above, when the manufacturing sector continued to fall amid margin if they can make good use of IT information tools to enhance the efficiency of management and control of raw materials, enterprises in the tough times is not good way to survive. The following is I used to carry out BPM in the manufacturing process consulting experience, summarized in inventory management faces four major challenges.

4 major challenge for inventory management

Changes in demand for the control of the demand in the past ---- one more focused on customer demand forecast to improve, but more and more demand for change is the change took place in order, such as the 2000 and 2001, the global inventory problem, that is, is that over-optimistic to believe that delay in delivery of orders is a temporary phenomenon, market demand is not reduced, until a large number of orders canceled, resulting in serious loss of inventory sluggish, and prices decline. In addition, as competitors to speed up introduction of new products, making product design must be quickly changed, resulting in the original product components required for the changing needs of R & D and material control, if no effective response, it will cause the loss or decline in value even stagnant stock generated.


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