English Super Wrap _ more browser support

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<style type="text/css">
.linebr {
    clear: both; /*  Clear float around   */
    width: 100px; /*  You must define width   */
    word-break: break-word; /*  Text line breaks within any of the words   */
    word-wrap: break-word; /* IE */
    white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; /* Mozilla */
    white-space: -hp-pre-wrap; /* HP printers */
    white-space: -o-pre-wrap; /* Opera 7 */
    white-space: -pre-wrap; /* Opera 4-6 */
    white-space: pre; /* CSS2 */
    white-space: pre-wrap; /* CSS 2.1 */
    white-space: pre-line; /* CSS 3 (and 2.1 as well, actually) */

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    <style type="text/css"> .linebr { clear: both; /* Clear float around */ width: 100px; /* You must define width */ word-break: break-word; /* Text line breaks within any of the words */ word-wrap: break-word; /* IE */ white-space: -moz-pre-

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