ELIPS Studio 3 Flex application development department can run directly on the phone

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French company Open-Plug in the ELIPS Studio 3 last week the official commercial version. ELIPS Studio 3 is a plug-in Adobe Flash Builder, this tool allows Flex applications to run directly on the phone. (On the phone do not have Flash player or the Flash engine to run!)

ELIPS Studio 3 to use based on the key (native code) compiler, it will automatically code Flex applications for conversion, compilation, optimization, and packing into the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Saipan) as the most popular of the mobile platform native code (on the phone do not have Flash player / engine to run.) Which only takes a development effort, you can phone in several different platforms to run (or even put on App Store and other shops selling platform application).

Because ELIPS Studio 3 is the output of the phone keys on the platform, performance, far above the run in Flash player / engine of the swf.

ELIPS Studio 3 has the following version of the current

- Free Edition: supports all the features and platforms, but will automatically insert advertising.
- PRO version / Premiuml version: support for all functions and platforms, you can turn off the ads, and have varying degrees of technical support.
- Indie Version: According to specific needs, support and platform specific Le can, and have different discounts.

openplug official website: http://www.openplug.com/

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