easyboot production xp.win7.ubuntu. old peaches winpe. mountains leaves more than one CD dos toolbox [Z]

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easyboot making xp, win7, ubuntu, old peaches winpe, leaves the mountains more than one CD dos Toolbox

I. First, prepare the tools needed to use:

1.5 image file: to download their own

2. Easyboot: necessary, download, mainly by his

3. Ultraiso: essential, floppy disk through, start to extract the image files, modify the ISO to use

4. Photoshop: optional, making use of background images

II. Production background picture

Easyboot own background picture ugly, and nasty LOG, so we can DIY your favorite picture as background image. Support the new version of easyboot resolution 800X600, 16-bit BMP format, other formats and resolutions need to open photoshop picture change if the conversion there are no special requirements.

Adjust the resolution: Image --- Image Size --- Width: 800 pixels height 600 pixels, remember to constrain the proportions, before removing the hook.

Conversion formats: Adjust the resolution, file format options --- --- Save as BMP, save ---- pop-up box, file format: windows, Depth: 16, saved on the OK

III. Extract boot image file

Open UltraISO, find a good image to download, start menu bar --- --- save the boot file, its name as needed, in order to extract winxp.bif, win7-32.bif, winpe.bif

ubuntu startup file extraction is relatively simple, direct ubuntu to open the ISO, to find the isolinux.bin isolinux folder file, copy it.

IV. Make a CD

Open packed easyboot directory, you can see three folders, disk1 folder is to create a CD-ROM root directory and store the file, put the second iso is making a good new CD image file, the third automatically generated, do not change

Open the disk1 folder, the third step in the four guidance documents to extract, copy to ezboot folder, dos toolbox will also directly copy the img file to the folder.

With UltraISO to extract the image file to the disk1 directory, the following order: XP, WIN7, UBUNTU, WINPE

XP: extract the I386 folder, WIN51, WIN51IP, WIN51IP.SP3, a total of 1 folder and 3 files

WIN7: All extraction, open the source folder after the delete ei.cfg file, this file is deleted, you can choose when to install WIN7 installed version.

ubuntu, winpe: direct extraction of the entire disc, if prompted to repeat, direct coverage

Sequence not get reversed, or it may cause some failed to start

V. modify easyboot menu settings

1 modified picture format: Open easyboot.exe, prompt will pop up, the background image format does not, modify the method: click on the configuration options --- --- Screen mode: 64K color (16 bit), screen resolution: 800X600

(2) modify the menu bar: the tab to move the menu bar, can coordinate their new menu bar, we need eight menu items: XP, WIN7, UBUNTU, WINPE, DOS tool, hard disk, restart, shut down the computer.

Attribute refers to the cursor to highlight the menu item, the menu item displays the color; normal cursor attribute is not selected, the menu display color.

Editing menu items, you need to set execute commands and shortcuts, execute the command set as follows:

XP: run winxp.bif

win7: run win7-32.bif

ubuntu: bcdw / ezboot / isolinux.bin

winpe: run winpe.bif

dos: run dos98.img

Hard disk: boot 80

Restart: reboot

Off: bcdw: poweroff

Set the menu bar, there is a great attention to is the menu item areas can not cross, not only text can be repeated, with the coordinates of the control range of the menu can not cross. Otherwise it will cause the menu item at the video, for this I toss a week, beginning the background image that is the problem, to find how to set the background picture, later discovered that the range of menu items is a cross, stay away like .

VI. Make ISO

Note that this step, the optimization options in the CD-ROM file, DOS, Joliet are not on the hook, especially following lowercase letters can not be allowed to hook on, hook on I do not know why the XP installer will not start up. Is looking for a long time only to find the problem in the above. You can set file date on the hook, so to make the CD more professional.

VII. Dials

To VMVARE test, you can first use the toolbox to the DOS virtual machine hard disk partition and install XP, WIN7, UBUNTU3 system, with PE into the system for maintenance, testing, can correct dials up after.

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