EA tools and architecture

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UML Model diagram UML tools chapter in the design of choice (in the software development UML models a reasonable choice of different scenarios)
- UML diagram of the 13 applications
- Minimum ICONIX UML Modeling
- Feature Driven Modeling (FDD)
- The largest RUP UML Modeling
- Model-driven development (MDD) and achieve the standard (MDA)
- Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD)

Relationship between UML models and software documentation
- Software documentation, the proportion of the UML model
- UML tool for automatic generation of software documentation
- Defined in the UML tools software documentation template
- Software version of the document and baseline
- UML model release into the portal

Extended UML tools
- UML meta-model
- Software architecture meta-model
- OCL meta-model
- To extend UML to show the appearance of
- Extended UML prototyping
- Extended UML Programming
- UML profile extension
- UML add-in description (TOGAF, DODAF, etc.)

EA tool management team members
- Project Management Authors
- Management Team Roles
- Human Resource Management team
- Members of the client management
- Rights Management team

Online design team
- Deployment of server-side, team building database
- Client and team-building design projects
- Client connects to the team design project
- Design rules for team
- To protect their design results

Offline design team
- Design project cutting
- Assigned design task
- Merge the results of each design task
- Cut design task force

Convergence of work and configuration management tools
- Create the configuration database design
- Connect to the configuration management tool
- Check out the designer check model
- Comparative analysis of the design model
- Establish and maintain baseline design
- Modeling the relationship between the track
- Complete tracking multi-version management
- EA and other tools exchange model needs analysis modeling techniques (using EA tools to complete the requirements modeling to highlight the use case diagram, activity diagram and state diagram of the use of, package diagrams how to organize the use case diagram and use case diagrams how to extend the completion of quality and environmental requirements)
Analysis based on the basic use cases
- From organizational structure and business executive who needs refining
- Analysis of the implementation of those use cases
- Complex use case down into atomic use case
- Atomic use case description (basic management unit)
- Complex use case description
- Functional use case named
- Discussion of: business functions to control the granularity of use cases?

Advanced analysis based on use cases
- Analysis of repetitive use case path - including use cases
- Analysis of the similarity with the case path - use case generalization
- Analysis of use case path extension - the extension use case
- Reconstruction of use cases
- Case Study: The actual sample for the customer for advanced analysis

Business scenarios (path) analysis
- Basic business scenarios (sequence of scenes or path)
- Business alternative scenarios (a branch of the scene or path)
- Business unusual scene
- Timing diagrams using activity diagram or description of the business scene

Analysis of the business entity
- Glossary and the relationship between business entities
- Function relationship between use cases and business entities
- Business entity reference ID (just in case the document with reference to the business entity identifier)
- Description of business entity field information

Business Rules Analysis
- Analysis of business objects Rules
- Business rules describe the way (Object Constraint Language OCL, the natural language of business)
- Business rules constitute (business language, mathematical language and keywords)
- Business rules category (derivation, constraints and present)
- Vague business rules
- Reference to identify the business rules (only in reference to the use cases document business rules identification)

Quality requirements analysis (non-functional requirements - quality requirements)
- List of quality attributes of concern to
- Decomposition of the user's perspective the quality of the properties
- Descriptive quality attributes described
- Quantitative description of the quality attributes
- Extend the UML tool to create quality utility tree model

Environmental needs analysis (non-functional requirements - Environmental requirements)
- Users concerned about the environmental software
- Software requirements analysis environment
- Hardware and network environment needs analysis
- Integrated analysis of environmental requirements
- To extend UML modeling tool to complete environmental utility tree

Writing requirements specifications
- Hand-written grammar and syntax requirements specifications
- Use vocabulary words in the description of the business needs
- Write requirements specification of the errors
- Requirements specification graphic proportion
- Custom Requirements Document Template
- UML tool to automatically generate requirements specifications outline design modeling techniques (ie, software architecture designed to highlight the component diagram, deployment diagram, composite structure diagrams used in architecture, how to extend the UML model to complete large-scale systems architecture design) Summary design preparation phase (global analysis)
- Analysis software project or product range (the range and function areas range)
- Analysis software project or product constraints (quality constraints and environmental constraints)
- Analysis software project or product variables (key factors and changes in risk factors)
- Analysis of whether the company's existing assets or products can be reused in the project
- Analysis of software projects or products for the international standard
- Specification of requirements to complete the use case robustness analysis (object analysis)
- Requirements specification quoted in the use case scenarios (behavior analysis)
- Collate the results of local analysis (analysis of class)

Outline design of the basic design
- The elements extracted software architecture (hereinafter referred to as architectural elements)
- The interface elements of software architecture design
- Design software architecture elements within the variables (complete architectural elements of scalability and maintainability design)
- Design software architecture called the relationship between elements associated
- Organize the architecture of software architecture elements (hierarchical organization, the organization and the bus goes Organization)

Outline design of high-level design
- Resource management software system design (architecture model resource planning 10 kinds)
- Distribution management software system design
- Parallel design software (distributed computing, SAAS and cloud computing)
- Element management software architecture design (software architecture with plug-ins on the elements of the framework of management)
- Use the UML tool to express high-level architecture design

Outline design of the support design
- Software architecture design elements of the data structure (data persistence design)
- Communication protocol design software architecture elements
- Maintain the deployment of elements of software architecture design
- Software code structure planning

Summary of key design quality design
- High reliability design software
- High-performance software system designed to
- Software System Security Design
- Software design experience

Outline design document writing
- Use the EA summary document template software tools to define
- Unified Software summary document preparation specifications
- Software UML graphical summary of the document the proportion of
- Use tools to automatically generate UML design documents outline the detailed design modeling techniques (using the EA tool class diagram, object diagram, state diagram, sequence diagram or collaboration diagram to complete the detailed design, and introduces details of the algorithm graph design) physical design business
- ORM design patterns (patterns of behavior, structural model and metadata schema)
- Design business entity attributes
- Design business entities associated with inherited
- Change of business entity, complete the design of scalable business entity
- Business entity object cache design (physical storage memory database and business relationships)

Business Component Design
- Business class business component interface design
- Business category called business component design relationship
- Changes in business component in the business class design (design patterns and profiles)
- Designed in collaboration between the business components (interface design specifications agreed upon)
- Business components designed to integrate with other application interface (business released design)
- The business component implementations (Java,. NET)

Business Process layout design
- Layout design of business components (EA tool design BPEL)
- Business transaction design components
- Workflow design based on the data
- Activity-based workflow design
- State-based workflow design
- Message-based workflow design

User interface planning and design
- User-centered design specifications
- Use EA to complete UI prototyping tool
- Auxiliary EA tool UI design tools
- UI design component navigation
- UI design component container
- UI components of security, performance, reliability, design

Detailed design of the database
- Database of basic design principles (the principle of the paradigm, OO principle)
- Scalable data table design
- Database Design Division
- Database design sub-libraries
- Database transaction design
- Database connection design

Structural design code
- Multiplayer collaborative programming model and UML model
- UML model, generate files and folders
- Detailed design into code automatically
- Detailed design and code synchronization
- Database design and database synchronization
- Timing diagram and code relations

Detailed design document
- Define the detailed design document template
- EA tool automatically generates detailed design documentation
- Detailed design document details the algorithm
- Detailed design document and project plan

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