Draw string sample android

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In game development, we can not all use the images to display, often need to draw the string, such as the development of a RPG game, there are a lot of conversations, then if all sure not to use images to display. Here we take a look if the string in the Canvas to draw it on canvas.
android drawText provided a series of methods to draw the string, before the need to set the brush to draw the string object, including a string of size, color and other properties. FontMetrics to plan to use the font properties, you can getFontMetrics method to get the system font of the relevant content. The following look at a lot of text wrap, flip and examples of how the string operation, operating results see below

Draw string sample android

When we press the arrow keys will change to the next line on the arrow keys to change the font to the font on the line. Below we have listed commonly used in string processing methods:
setTextSize: Set the size of the string
setARGB: Set the color (ARGB)
getTextWidths: get width of string
setFlags (Paint.ANTI_ALIAS_FLAG): anti-aliasing.

For this example, the code is not longer posted here, and have the time and not interested can download the source code of.

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