dos command (reproduced)

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dos command

index under a variety of common dos commands

A, DIR command format:

dir [D:] [PATH] [NAME] [[/ A] [: attrib]] [/ o: [sorted] [/ s] [/ b] [/ l] [/ c [h]

(1) dir / a: attrib default contains all files (system files hidden files)

attrib [:] [h /-h] show only hidden files or hidden files.

[R /-r] only or read-only file read-only file

[S /-s] only system files or system files

[A /-a] only want to archive or archive

(2) / o [:] sorted: default full alphabetical order, before the file directory shows

/ O [n /-n]: in alphabetical order or order by file name / reverse display

[E /-e]: alphabetically by extension / reverse display

[D /-d]: a chronological / reverse display

[S /-s]: or by size in descending / reverse display

[G /-g]: at first in the file or subdirectory in the directory before

(3) / s parameters: the current directory and its subdirectories for a list of all files

Column name: dir / s / a / o: nc: \> PRN

On the c drive and all subdirectories and files Press affiliation subdirectories and files in alphabetical order according to the printout

(4) / B parameters: displays only the file name and extension

(5) / L parameters: all in lowercase letters list of files or subdirectories


dir / a list of all files the current directory (including hidden and system files)

dir / ah columns hidden files (including subdirectories (implicit) dir / ah

dir / as out system files dir / as

dir / ad column subdirectory dir / ad

dir / o in alphabetical order

dir / B only displays the file name and extension

Two, attrib [+ R |-R] [+ a |-a] [+ S |-S] [+ H |-H] [d:] [name] [/ S]

Default attrib name displays the file (file) Properties

attrib io.sys (or subdirectory)

shr c: \ io.sys designated system (s) implies (h) read (r) file

Can also be attrib *. sys sys file extension display properties

Parameters [+ r |-r] property is set or remove a file read-only attribute

[+ A |-a] set or remove the archive file attribute property

[+ H |-h] file attributes set or remove the hidden attribute (in particular, also play a role on the sub)

/ S parameter to the current directory and all files in the current work are

Can be used to find files


attrib news86 news86 out the document properties

attrib + r report.txt is set to read-only attrib-s-h record.txt

attrib + aa: *.*

attrib-aa: *. bak

xcopy a: b: / a disc of all the A logo for the "archive" attribute of the file copying disk B

xcopy a: b: / m on the A drive by copying all the files and remove the archive attribute after the closing bell B

Three, cd Description: cd ... back on the two directories "." means the current directory "." representative of the parent directory

cd .. \ .. back to the parent directory's parent (ancestor directories)

cd A: \ drive of the A current directory to the root directory

cd A: \ xx the A disk under the current directory to a subdirectory xx

cd .. \ 98 to return to the parent directory, parent directory a subdirectory under 98

Return to parent directory cd ..

cd \ 98 into the root directory of the 98 sub-

Four, Copy [/ y] [/-y] [/ v] [/ B]

copy / y without prompt for all files to be overwritten

/-Y to be prompt for all files (yes or no questions)

/ V to verify after copy

/ B are displayed by binary

copy w1.wps con / b wps file can be displayed on the screen, without having to enter the state wps

copy .. \ 98 98 parent directory, all files in all subdirectories under the subdirectory by copying the current

copy. \ 97 of 97 when the current directory by copying all the files under the subdirectory the current directory

copy. c: \ directory under the current copying all the files in the root directory of c

. Means that the *.* file

copy nul will empty file (file length to 0)

copy the file name + con append commands to a text file or content

copy con filename to create a text file (F6 save and exit)

copy con prn detect the printer switch

Five, xcopy command

xcopy [source] [d: date] [/ p] [/ s] [/ e] [/ v] [/ y]

xcopy [d: date] xcopy a: b: \ / d: 08/18/98/s/v years after the file copy 98.08.18

xcopy [/ p] instructions to create a subdirectory

xcopy [/ s] associated with the copy of the directory Note: If the target directory does not exist on disk, and the target

Not to set the end of the character "\" to end, you will be prompted:

does destination specify a file name or directory name on the target

[F = file, d = directory]?

Create a file on the destination disk [press] or create subdirectories [press d]? Should choose the d key

xcopy [/ v] with more experience

*: (1) xcopy does not copy system and hidden files should be copied and then modified properties

xcopy [/ y] if there was coverage tips, / y without prompt

If you omit a target disk or directory name, then copied to the current directory

Six, del / P

Plus / p prompts before they can be removed

Such as del, add subdirectory name, the subdirectory for all files (hidden. System except for read-only file) all removed

Plus / p can be confirmed.

Seven, Undelete [name] / au

Without prompt to meet the conditions of all the files to restore (to restore), and set the first letter a "#", if it has

Exist, according to "#% & 0 1 2-9 az" order with.

Such as: undelete *. dbf / au to the extension "dbf" file full recovery, and "#" at the beginning, as the file

Name, / list return to list only the files without recovery

undelete / load into memory will undelete

/ Unload unloaded from memory will undelete

/ S [drive] drive for the specified monitoring and management

undelete / sc

Will undelete memory-resident,? And creates a hidden subdirectory on the c drive sentry deleted files

Management undelete / ds restoration

Recovery can undelete command corresponding to the full recovery of the file name (very complete)

The most common undelete *.*

deltree / y [drive: path]

deltree to delete files and subdirectories, although some files are system files or hidden files

It can be with a wildcard, wildcard, it will delete matching files and subdirectories

Such as:? Undelete *. dbf / au to the extension "dbf" file full recovery, and "#" at the beginning as a file


/ List only lists the recoverable files, rather than for recovery operations.

undelete / load will undelete into memory.

/ Unload unloading will undelete memory.

/ S [drive] drive for the specified monitor management.

undelete / sc to undelete memory-resident, and creates a hidden subdirectory on the C drive to delete sentry

File management, and the corresponding restore command can undelete / ds can restore a complete file name (perfect).

The most common is undelete *.*

Eight, DELTREE / y [drive: path]

deltree to delete files and subdirectories, although some file is a system or implied.

It can be with a wildcard, then it will delete matching files or subdirectories.

Such as: file exists L1, L2 directory, L3 files, L4 subdirectory

deltree L *.* will delete all files and subdirectories of the above, but confirm before deleting, if not removed,

You can enter "N".

/ Y parameters are to be deleted does not confirm the operation.

It can undelete deleted files recover? But can not be restored under the subdirectory and its files, you can use special

Special tools, such as NORTON 8.0 and so on.

If the early use of undelete / s,? Can be found in the sentry subdirectory complete file, but the name has


Nine, DOS = High [| low [umb | noumb]]

dos = high, umb the dos itself into high memory (high) and can manage the upper memory (umb).

noumb not manage upper memory.

In writing and umb dos = high device = himem.sys before loading

To load a program or driver position memory, you must use the dos = umb, save the majority of conventional memory.

You can write anywhere on the config.sys dos = high, umb

If the display hma not avoiable or load down low is that it can not use the high-end memory.

Ten, DOSKEY struck the previous record dos commands, you can use F7 to show, using " ↑ ↓ " to select, use F9 to enter

Select the command number.

doskey / restall reload time, undo the previous command line.

doskey / history shows all the commands in memory, you can ">" display to the other file, abbreviated "/ H".

doskey dir = cls is hit into the same dir the same as cls.

doskey / macros to display all the macro definition, use the ">" redefine the file can be abbreviated "/ M".

doskey dir = dir can be undone on the macro definition.

doskey p = dir $ tdir *. exe / p $ tdir c: \ t $ tdir c: \ t $ *

$ T for the command specifier, and $ * as the command terminator

doskey / insert (overstrike)? re-enter the command, the command to modify the old cover is inserted or

Cover (the default).

Eleven, EMM386.EXE

Provides extended memory management, so applications like the use of conventional memory as to use it.

Common usage is in the config.sys in

device = c: \ dos \ himem.sys

device = c: \ dos \ emm386.exe ram

d = 64 to set the number of 64K memory DMA

noems provide access to upper memory, but does not provide access to extended memory.

Should be noted that in the windows is best not to use it, because windows itself on the extended memory management

Procedures should be used in windows manager.

Twelve, FC command fc / b dt.dat dt2.dat> b (for binary comparison)

Compare two files, generally used for access to the progress, modify the game to store files with a.

Code 0100 should be added to the actual location, such as: 0000 05E4: 00 67

The actual change with the debug-e 0100 should be added that the 0000 06E4: 00 67

Followed by the redirection file "> P" can Output to p file.

Thirteen, format / Q / u / S / n: sectors / f: size / c

/ Q parameter: a quick format, only scan the file allocation table and root directory area, only formatted disk effective.

Should be used to ensure that the format did not increase after the new bad sectors.

/ U parameter: an unconditional format, and does not save the information on the original disk, to prevent "unformat".

/ S parameter: format for the system disk, you can also use the "sys" command.

/ F: size size can 1,601,803,203,607,201,200 1440 2800

/ N: sector n for a single-sided disc format, the capacity to 160k 180k

For 4 to 5 inch high density disk drive format 360k

For 8 in 5 inch high density drive on the eight sectors of the format.

/ C re-test for bad sectors, and by default if a sector is marked as "bad", after the format is not measured in the new

Try, only for tags, use the "/ C" when the new test.

Fourteen, UNFORMAT command

With the format of the format before, and did not use the "/ u" parameter of the command works, use it to re-repair the damage already

Bad hard disk partition table, but the network drive does not work.

unformat drive: [/ l] [/ test] [/ p]

/ L shows each found to be unformat files and subdirectories, if not the switches, only those

Broken files and subdirectories, you can use ctrl + s pause, press any key to continue.

/ Test only for a test, not for the actual repair work for simulation.

/ P side of the test side of the print.

Note: This method does not guarantee restoration of all files, especially over the data format and then add the disk.

Restore order after the file is stored in subdir1 .... 2 .... 3 other subdirectory.

Fifteen, Interlnk syntax interlnk g = e, it can be serial or parallel port to communicate between two machines.

E on the server side for client drive mapping the g drive, after the client, all of g

Operations means that access to the server, map the way for the abolition of interlnk g =

Separate input interlnk map shows the situation for all.

Note: interlnk interlnk.exe must load the device driver can use.

Symbols used in the drive and config.? Sys in lastdrv.exe related to the number set can be for a one-

End of 25-pin, the other side of 9-pin serial cable to achieve the specific wiring as follows:








9 pin 25 pin 12 - 4



25 - 25

25-pin 25-pin

Sixteen, INTERLNK.EXE and intersvr.exe

interlnk.exe redirect the client interface to drive or print requests to another server drive

Or printer.

Syntax: config.sys add:

device = c: \ dos \ interlnk.exe [drive: n] [/ noprinter] [com] [lpt]

Seventeen, MemMaker [/ b] [/ BATCH] [session] [/ swap: drive]

Use memmaker to optimize memory allocation? And the configuration is written in the autoexec.bat and config.sys.

In this process, the need to restart the machine several times.

Eighteen, memitem memcolor memdefault subMenu menu options include

autoexec.bat the following: config.sys in the following:

path c: \ dos; c: \ ucdos [menu]

doskey menucolor = 15,1 (15 foreground color, background color, 1)

\ Mouse \ mouse menuitem = base_config, this is a base

goto% config% -> choose items menuitem = cced_config, this is a cced

Options Tips

: Base_config menudefault = base_config, 5

goto exit -> out of the default base_config, the delay time of 5 seconds

: Cced_config [common]

c: \ dos \ smartdrv.exe / l device = c: \ dos \ himem.sys

goto exit contains the common part of the

: Exit -> end [base_config]

device = c: \ dos \ emm386.exe ram

dos = high, umb


device = c: \ dos \ smartdrv.exe / double_buffer

include = base_config set contains base_config

According to the computer in different situations to choose the configuration requirements.

Nineteen, mscdex.exe provide the drive for reading and writing program

mscdex / d: drive [/ D: drive] [/ e] [/ k] [/ s] [/ l: letter]

Typical: config.sys in the device = c: \ cdrom \ cdrom.sys / d: mscd000

autoexec.bat in c: \ dos \ mscdex / d: mscd000 / l: g

Equipped with an optical drive, symbol g

Parameters / d: drive1 identification number for the drive to be consistent with the config.sys symbols can have multiple

/ D: mscd000 / d: mscd001

/ E: use of extended memory into the CD-ROM driver.

/ S: to drive or windows in ms_net is set to shared drive

/ V is displayed when loading the memory.

/ L: letter assigned to the CD-ROM drive

/ M: number Specifies the number of buffers

It should be noted:? If smartdrv.exe accelerate the literacy drive, should be in autoexec.

bat will mscdex.? exe written smartdrv.exe before, smartdrv.exe can significantly increase the use of

Ability to read and write to the drive.

Twenty, msd use

Use msd can check the computer configuration and overall system information

Include:? Drive parameters, computer cpu parameters, memory size parameters, display type, string. Parallel port, so as to

And occupancy of each IRQ, whereby the new equipment can be analyzed whether there is a conflict with the original equipment.

But also by analyzing the memory-resident program, to determine whether the virus in memory, there is marked "???".

Twenty-one, prompt DOS prompt

$ Q equal to the number $ t $ d The current date current time current drive symbol $ p

Tip No. $ $ $ $ n $ g greater than the current drive number is less than the number $ l $ b display "|" pipe No.

$ E $ h withheld prompt display "<-" No.

For other text, the text itself directly prompt ljw, ljw prompt is displayed

prompt only displays the current drive letter and more than numbers.

Twenty-two, RAMDRIVE.SYS to use memory as a virtual disk to use

It should be noted, all data in memory, it is timely to save to your hard drive, or power-down or crash after

All data will be lost, the advantage is to run fast, but not used in the windows.

Example: config.sys: device = c: \ dos \ ramdrive.sys / size [/ e | a]

k is the unit size is the number of bytes, namely the establishment of the virtual disk size.

/ E or / a is to use extended memory to create a virtual disk? Plus argument on the premise that you must load the memory management

Device himem.sys and emm386.exe.

Twenty-three, SUBST a drive connection with the subdirectory

Such as: will A: \ l1 \ l2 subdirectory is mapped to S disk, enter

subst s: a: \ l1 \ l2 can be

This use dir s:? Other command displays the a: \ l1 \ l2 subdirectory contents, like the other copy del

You can use the subst s: d to remove this mapping.

Can be used to display a variety of connection of subst

Note:? Can subst a: c: a to create a disk read and write for the A's for certain installed software

, The? Must use the A drive to install, you can use the software to be installed first full copy C: a sub-

Directory, then enter the subst a: c: a, then go to A:, the software can be installed.

Twenty-four, mem / c / M / P / d conventional memory display program

/ C shows the occupancy of all memory-resident program, divided into conventional conventional memory and uppermemory

High memory usage, and display the total occupancy (conventional high-end extended memory retention)

/ P Pagination, Page to suspend

/ M, add the module name, such as: / m msdos dos system displays memory usage.

/ D expansion of conventional memory to be reserved for more high-end table illustrates the case

Through analysis, we can see that memory usage is reasonable, and a variety of procedures are properly loaded, resulting in the base

Basis using a variety of memory optimization tools memmaker management, while some programs can analyze crash

Because, if the local display "???", you can conclude that the presence of the virus in memory, to facilitate the detection and elimination.

XXV, the use of a variety of plumbing tools "> <>> <<"

Will cause the output of the command or redirect input needed

Such as: dir *. bat / b> p can be dir *. bat cases out of the file name output to p file.

time <p>> p.bat

p file, there is only a carriage return, you can append the time the file into p.bat

">>>" Is the command to redirect the output, such as file or printer.

>>-Generated content will be added into the file,> it will overwrite the original file contents.

"<<<" Is the command to enter the contents of the re-orientation.

Such as: time <p can be a time in the batch code, or carriage return, you can change this time.

Be noted that "prn" for the printer, "null" as null device

con is the monitor

type p.bat> prn p.bat can be printed.

copy null p p files can be deleted

copy con p p can edit the file on the screen, F6 to save and exit

type p> pp pp completed copy files to the p

type p | more can be suspended in full-screen display

Twenty-six, move command

move [y /-y] filename1 filename2

1 Move the file to file two

Such as: move c: \ dos \ *.* c: \ cced

All the dos subdirectory all the documents move to the subdirectory cced

/ Y |-y parameter in the target directory does not exist to create, whether prompted

You can use this command to modify the directory name, such as move dos cced

Dos directory name will be changed to cced

Twenty-seven, append the specified number of special data file storage location, such as user.dat and some non-*.

exe *. com *. bat file

Format: append [:] to terminate the pre-existing conditions specified directory append the specified display

append [path] append c: \ user, etc.


call in a batch command to call another batch file

(1) does not terminate an existing file to run, finished off with a program execution to return immediately.

(2) is called a batch command must bat extension

(3) call the batch file, you can add parameters (% 1 -% 9), and environmental variables such as% baud%

(4) can not use pipes and redirection tool tool

Twenty-nine, device devicehigh LOADHIGH

device to the specified device driver into memory

devicehigh the specified device drivers into high memory

loadhigh the specified device drivers into high memory

Thirty, Defrag to optimize the disk

legend (legend) optimize (optimization) elapse (gone) fragment (fragment)

This command performs the specified disk to optimize the processing (including checking the file allocation table, the documents state, to correct wrong

Error), when executed, in accordance with the size of the file name, time, sort the file extension.

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