DNS configuration under Linux

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1, DNS Introduction

DNS is the Domain Name System, it can convert the IP address of the domain name; no DNS, visit the Web site, it must be so hard to remember similar number to access. Provide DNS services that computer, that is, DNS server.
DNS server can be divided into three types, the cache server (Cache-only server), the primary server (Primary Name server), the secondary server (Second Name Server).

DNS details of principles, processes, terminology, concepts, space is limited, can not say here. Can read the specific articles, such as the DNS-HOWTO to learn.

Second, set goals

RedHat Linux7.0 a computer, IP is, the host name is netfinity.zrs.com. Located in the LAN has a DNS server address is, responsible for analysis baoan.gov.cn this domain. Now to configure a DNS server, it is responsible for zrs.com analytical work in this field, but also as a secondary DNS server baoan.gov.cn domain. Archive of all relevant documentation is available here.

Third, configure the machine as the primary DNS server domain ZRS.COM

Dns function under Linux through the bind software implementation. bind the software installed, will have several inherent document is divided into two categories, one is the configuration file in the / etc directory, a class is the dns log file in / var / named directory. Together with other relevant documents, a common set dns server. Here are all the dns settings and a list of related documents and instructions.
The first category: in the / etc directory are: hosts, hosts.conf, resolv.conf, named.boot, named.conf.

1, "hosts" file, defines the hostname and ip address of the correspondence, which also will run on this computer dns ip address and host name. Content: localhost.localdomain localhost netfinity.zrs.com netfinity
2, "hosts.conf" file, "order hosts bind" statement, specifies the host name resolution order is the first to find hosts, and then to the dns server records in search. "Multi on" is to allow a host name corresponding to multiple ip addresses. Content:
order hosts, bind
multi on
nospoof on
3, "resolv.conf" file, "nameserver" assigned dns server address. Note that this document on ordinary non-dns server computer (non-windows systems; Windows system is in the "Network Properties" set this to) who is indispensable. If you do not set the machine for the dns server, you have to be able to resolve domain name, you must specify a dns server address. You can write up to three addresses, a failure as a former candidate for dns server. "Domain zrs.com" specify the default domain. Content of the document:
domain zrs.com
4, "named.boot" file is an earlier version of the bind software configuration file, and now the new version has given way to "named.conf". named.conf dns server is the core configuration file. Here we have a section to explain.
/ / Generated by named-bootconf.pl

options (
directory "/ var / named";
/ *
* If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want
* To talk to, you might need to uncomment the query-source
* Directive below. Previous versions of BIND always asked
* Questions using port 53, but BIND 8.1 uses an unprivileged
* Port by default.
* /
/ / Query-source address * port 53;

/ /
/ / A caching only nameserver config
/ /

zone "." IN (
type hint;
file "named.ca";

zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa" IN (
type master;
file "named.local";
allow-update (none;);

This part is after you installed the bind software automatically generated the named.conf file of the original content. "Directory" specify the dns log file storage directory is / var / named. "/ /" At the beginning of the text is the text, not hell. Then the two "zone" statement defines the root dns servers and the corresponding inverse query domain, and pointed out that the root of the log file is "name.ca", the reverse query root domain log file is "named.local" . This is also the system comes with two log files, and do not have to change it. This part of the named.conf file, we do not have to change it.

But we can "diretory" add a line under: forwarders (;). dns telecom here is my server address, forwarders parameters specified in the subsequent location of the server ip dns server as the alternative. That is, the dns can not resolve the machine's host is sent to the alternative dns server to parse it.

zone "zrs.com" IN (
type master;
file "named.zrs.com";
allow-update (none;);
zone "0.0.10.in-addr.arpa" IN (
type master;
file "named.zrs.com.rev";
allow-update (none;);

This part is manually added. Defines "zrs.com" The query domain and the corresponding reverse domain. "Type master" of the present machine is the "zrs.com" and "0.0.10.in-addr.arpa" The two primary dns server domain (primary name server). "Named.zrs.com" and "named.zrs.com.rev" is the domain of the log file. These two documents is their own creation, we take a look at the following two documents.

The second category: Resource Record file, located in / var / named directory. This directory is defined in named.conf.
1, named.zrs.com files as follows:

@ IN SOA netfinity.zrs.com. Root.netfinity.zrs.com. (
1997022700; Serial
28800; Refresh
14400; Retry
3600000; Expire
86400); Minimum
IN NS netfinity.zrs.com.
IN MX 10 netfinity.zrs.com.

netfinity IN A
lily IN A
www IN CNAME netfinity.zrs.com.
pop3 IN CNAME netfinity.zrs.com.
smtp IN CNAME netfinity.zrs.com.

In this log file, there were 5 types of records. SOA is to empower the start (Start Of Authority) of the abbreviation, followed by writing your dns server host name, here is "netfinity.zrs.com.". (Note that the host name of the back of a small dot. Those who appear in the log file of the host name, recall should add this to the small dot.) NS is the name of the server resource records, specify the domain name server, this is the dns server. MX is a mail exchange resource records are to specify the domain of the mail server. You can write multiple MX records, specify multiple mail servers, priority number after the decision by the MX, the smaller the number, the higher priority mail server. A is a host record, the host and ip address correspond. CNAME is an alias record, it gives a host of different names, such as www.zrs.com, pop3.zrs.com actually point to the same host netfinity.zrs.com.
2, named.zrs.com.rev file contents:
@ IN SOA netfinity.zrs.com. Root.netfinity.zrs.com. (
1997022700; Serial
28800; Refresh
14400; Retry
3600000; Expire
86400); Minimum
IN NS netfinity.zrs.com.
211 IN PTR netfinity.zrs.com.
139 IN PTR lily.zrs.com.
This is the "zrs.com" reverse domain log files, it allows dns server ip address lookup from the host name of services. PTR record of ip and host name to correspond. Since some will be asked to reverse query, so the reverse query the domain log file is best not to be omitted.
This point, you have successfully configured a dns server that can resolve "zrs.com" This field has.

Fourth, configure the machine to BAOAN.GOV.CN secondary dns server domain

Secondary DNS server can be set from the master server in the domain information transfer. District files are transferred from the main server, and also as a local disk file is stored in the secondary server. In the secondary server has a complete copy of domain information, so it can answer queries in this domain. This part of the configuration as follows:
zone "baoan.gov.cn" IN (
type slave;
file "named.baoan.gov.cn";
masters (;);
allow-update (none;);
zone "0.0.10.in-addr.arpa" IN (
type slave;
file "named.baoan.gov.cn.rev";
masters (;);
allow-update (none;);
Can be seen, and the primary DNS server in different places is: "type" to a "slave", and then specify the primary DNS server address "masters (;);". DNS service starts automatically connect, read BAOAN.GOV.CN domain information, and then saved to the machine named.baoan.gov.cN file. I just through this function to the original (system windows2000) on a copy of all records to on.

5, test DNS server

Altered the corresponding DNS file, use the "service named restart" command to restart the service, so changes to take effect. To test the DNS, you can find a client to its DNS address set to the newly created DNS server address, then try the Internet or receive downloads. You can also use nslookup command: Run nslookup, enter the host name query to see whether to return the correct ip address.

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