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The recent work need to download a long absence, rational rose. In school, when used, this time to install their own hands-on look at the trouble really, is goole try to figure out where search is finally making his peace, and the installation is complete you can use to their own experiences to others.

1, first of all to the following address to download the software rose
[Url] Rose 2003.rar [/ url]
2, then download the attachment file in the crack down, extracting.
In the extract directory (rose2003crack \ license) to find license.dat, use Notepad to open the license.dat file or EditPlus, about the middle of the file are: SERVER Microsoft ANY
DAEMON rational "C: \ Program Files \ Rational \ common \ rational.exe" be amended to read: SERVER your own computer name ANY DAEMON rational "its installation directory \ rational.exe", save three, will rose2003crack \ license directory license.dat, lmgrd.exe, rational.exe three files with copies to: installation directory \ rational \ common \ the following four, will rose2003crack \ license directory flexlm.cpl copied to C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 directory under five, go to Control Panel, then the top Control Panel, add an icon that FLEXlm License Manager, to open it, click Setup.
lmgrd.exe choose the right directory: installation directory \ rational \ common \ lmgrd.exe
License File on the right directory options: installation directory \ rational \ common \ license.dat
Click Apply!
6, return to Control page, click Start, if it appears "Server Started", click on Status, if the status is: Computer name: license server UP (MASTER) is successful.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Note: If cannot connect to license server -15,10:10061 (winsock: connection refused), the implementation of Start or Stop button many times the problem is still unresolved, refer to the following solution:
1, click the "Start" -> "Run", type "cmd", in the pop-up Dos interface type Ipconfig / all, find the network card of the virtual address (Physical Address).
2, right-click "My Computer", select "Properties" the properties page in the pop-up box, select the "hardware" click "Device Manager."
3, in the pop-up "Device Manager" form, select "Network Adapter" -> network card.
4, right-click on the appropriate card, select "Properties" in the pop-up page, select the "Advanced" -> "Network Address / Network card address", enter the appropriate value, such as "00F0F4E41793".
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
7, then open the installation of Rational Rose Enterprise Edition, or if there Error, then open the Rational License Key Administrator, click on the toolbar the first tool (Start WIzard), click Next, in the Server Name in the name of change your computer name can be

During installation, there are some problems, wasting a lot of time to write out here that we should not waste time on my way to waste, so this article.

Note: Since no mapping, the installation process if you have further questions you can message, we will study together.

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