DB2 Update / Delete With Jion

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When you need to update one table based on the other table -
it is called "correlated update". You have to repeat the same "where"
logic 2 times.

update maintab m
set (m.fname, m.lname) =
 (select u.fname,u.lname from updatetab u where m.id=u.id)
where exists
 (select null from updatetab u where m.id=u.id);

or variation: use "in" expression:

update maintab m
set (m.fname, m.lname) =
 (select u.fname,u.lname from updatetab u where m.id=u.id)
where m.id in
 (select u.id from updatetab);

or delete expression:

delete from maintab m
where exists
 (select null from updatetab u where m.id=u.id);

Note: If you don't include the 2nd "where" clause - then ALL rows in the
main table will be updated (putting NULLs in all rows which are not part of the join)
Please note: the following Sybase syntax DOES NOT WORK in DB2:

update maintab
                set m.fname=u.fname, m.lname=u.lname
                from  maintab m, updates u
                where m.id=u.id


How to insert a row - but only if the row with the value of a file doesn't exist:

insert into mytable (mycolumn)
select '12345' from table (values 1) as dummy
where not exists (select 1 from mytable where mycolumn='12345')
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    When you need to update one table based on the other table - it is called "correlated update". You have to repeat the same "where" logic 2 times. update maintab m set (m.fname, m.lname) = (select u.fname,u.lname from updatetab u where

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