Data synchronization software

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  • Data synchronization software 2010-08-03


  • oracle data synchronization technology 2011-08-30

    Transfer from: Based on Oracle database technology, data synchronization can be divided into two categories: Oracle to provide their own data synchronization technology and thir

  • Data synchronization using rsync for linux 2010-09-29

    This paper describes detailed rsync service settings and how to install Linux servers using rsync to keep files synchronized. Server more often to keep the same file or directory, such as some large software download site, they often use multiple ser

  • mysql replication from each other based installation and configuration, and data synchronization 2011-02-10

    One, mysql replication is, what to use MySQL replication provides a database replication feature enables multiple real-time database synchronization, specifically if the following diagram: mysql replication data synchronization Why do we use mysql re

  • Oracle provides data synchronization program 2011-06-21

    1, primitive, trigger / Job + DBLINK the way, can be synchronized and timed refresh. 2 materialized view refresh the way, there are incremental and full refresh refresh modes, timed refresh. 3, advanced replication, is divided into multi-master repli

  • rsync remote data synchronization tool Xiangjie 2010-04-15

    rsync remote data synchronization tool Xiangjie rysnc (remote synchronize) in the CentOS installed by default in / usr / bin, also rysnc in the windows platform has the appropriate version. Home address: rysnc command usage: (

  • To achieve in MySql Replication (Master and Slave Data Synchronization) 2010-04-23

    Suppose there are three databases, respectively d1, d2, d3, where d1 is the Master data d2 and d3 for the Slave data. Sometimes, because of some unusual reason we want a change of the three master-slave relationships between databases, such as: d2 as

  • Two SQL Server data synchronization solution <1> 2010-06-30

    Two SQL Server data synchronization solution Posted on 2006-02-08 10:59 Kiro Reading (3791) Comments (4) Edit Favorites Category: Database-related note: this article from the Internet, the time for a long time do not know what's up. In addition, this

  • MYSQL backup copy of data synchronization 2010-07-08

    The following is a MYSQL data synchronization backup copy of text, this is the site users or members of contributors writing, does not represent point of view: Set MySql data synchronization After the offer from the 3.23.15 version of the mysql datab

  • Data Synchronization Solutions 2010-08-14

    1 scp command 2 with third-party data synchronization tool rsync, address

  • java data synchronization processing txt files 2010-09-08

    txt file java data synchronization processing requirements: txt file the first line is the last line is the end begin begin end of each line of data with the "|" separate txt file about 30 million lines, 20M about the size of the treatment: I de

  • System time synchronization software cmos battery is dead it does not matter 2010-09-11

    System time synchronization software cmos battery is dead it does not matter Home computer cmos battery is dead, every time you start time (including the date is wrong), people very unhappy, and yesterday the Internet found that there was a software

  • oracle data synchronization 2010-10-18

    First, create a dblink (database link) create database link kings --dblink Name, when you want to use the synchronously to the name , Feel free to take connect to kings -- Connect to the database user name identified by kings123 -- Connect to the dat

  • Between different data centers tentative scheme for data synchronization 2010-10-22

    1. Distributed data storage and computation should be based on a data center, even if the user should also be involved in the calculation is based within the region, for example, two data centers north and south. 2. Data should be information and dat

  • Sqlserver transactional publication using data synchronization 2010-11-12

    Original Affairs function in sqlserver in a long time, because of recent data synchronization doing a program, so have the opportunity to look at it as well as snapshots, that there are st

  • Do You Need a Data Shredder Software? 2010-11-20

    The vast majority of internet users think that once they delete a file from their PC, it disappears and is removed permanently from their computer, that is actually not the case, files deleted from your PC are kept in a hidden area on your PC, and IT

  • Java multi-threading (9): Why data synchronization 2010-12-19

    Java variables are divided into two categories: local variables and class variables. Local variable is defined within the method variables, such as in the run method defined variables. For these variables, there is no problem of sharing between threa

  • Five free open source data mining software 2010-12-20

    Article describes the Internet that the five free open source data mining software, in turn. Orange Orange is a component-based data mining and machine learning software suite, its function is friendly, and very powerful, fast and multi-purpose visua

  • goldengate incremental data synchronization tracking 2011-01-06

    Oracle GoldenGate has many solutions, one of which can be used to achieve data synchronization incremental tracking. For instance, some business systems need to record some of the data in real time a variety of changes can be easily achieved through

  • Twaver tree data and panel data synchronization refresh problem 2011-05-04

    Re: Twaver tree data and panel data synchronization problem of the default refresh settings only after the tree and the topology automatically refresh, do not call (this.element, false); Try using the fol