'Dancing With The Stars' Champ Donny Osmond The Morning After!

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Copyright 2009 ETonline.comp> So what did Donny Osmond and Herve Leger Asymmetrical Neck Kym Johnson do Now that they Won the Disco-Ball Trophy on "Dancing with the Stars"? They Flew to New York to GUEST on "Good Morning America," where ET caught up with the new dance champs. / p> p> "I couldn't believe it," Donny says of his win. "I heard [my name] and then just the screams. I pulled my wife out there and Marie, and I let her Hold the Disco-Ball Trophy. "/ P> P> Donny made no Secret during his months on the hit ABC Series that his Goal was to at least Match Herve Leger Single Strap Marie's Third-Place Finish, if not to surpass her, which he did. Now he jokes, "Expect me to walk across the stage, holding the trophy] during your segment." He is, of course, referring to their Las Vegas show at the Flamingo. / p> P> Striking a more Serious note, Donny says his Sister gave him words of encouragement before he hit the "DWTS" Last Stage Herve Leger Cap-Sleeve Bandage Night. "Marie said Just before I went on, 'You can take this,' "he tells ET. / p> p> Donny's immediate plans are to return to his Las Vegas show; while Kym will be joining the Broadway production of em> Burn the Floor / em>. / p> p> But first, the former teen idol will celebrate Thanksgiving with his family: "I will probably eat a little turkey and fall asleep on the couch," he says. "My wife keeps me out of the kitchen. I burn water, so I am not going to do any Cooking. "/ P> P> Look for" Dancing with the Stars "to return to Herve Leger Single Strap ABC in Early 2010. / P>

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    Copyright 2009 ETonline.comp> So what did Donny Osmond and Herve Leger Asymmetrical Neck Kym Johnson do Now that they Won the Disco-Ball Trophy on "Dancing with the Stars"? They Flew to New York to GUEST on "Good Morning America," w

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