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Dojo itself provides a sort function, but this sort is not back-order, if the page has paging, sorting only the current page, page will be lost after the sorting.
This provides a sort method to achieve the background, idea is to rewrite the headers click the trigger event, the field will be passed to the sort of background.

<div dojoType="dojox.grid.DataGrid" store="initStore" onHeaderCellClick="myGridSort" structure="layout" escapeHTMLInData="false" noDataMessage="noData" autoHeight="true"> </ div>

Red label is the time when you click the header of the method we are to achieve the following code:

function myGridSort (e) {
columnSort = e.cellIndex;
if (oldColumnSort & & columnSort! = oldColumnSort) {
systemlogsortAscending = false;
var data = e.rowIndex;
if (columnSort! = -1) {
var propSort = layout [e.cellIndex]. name; / /
var sortby = layout [e.cellIndex]. id; / /
if (sortby) {
var cells_length = layout.length; / /
if (true) {/ /
systemlogsortAscending =! systemlogsortAscending; / /
var order = 'DESC';
if (systemlogsortAscending) {
order = 'ASC';
/ / Because with the page, so take some of the data saved to the hidden field
dojo.byId ("sortby"). value = sortby;
dojo.byId ("order"). value = order;
dojo.byId ("cells_length"). value = cells_length;
dojo.byId ("columnSort"). value = columnSort;
dojo.byId ("propSort"). value = propSort;
dojo.byId ("sortAscending"). value = systemlogsortAscending;
var form = document.getElementById ("$ {param.formId}");
var url = form.action + "? sortby =" + sortby + "& order =" + order;
oldColumnSort = columnSort;
loadGridDataAJAX ("$ {param.formId}", "$ {param.gridId}", url, cells_length, columnSort, propSort, systemlogsortAscending);


loadGridDataAJAX code:

function loadGridDataAJAX (formID, gridID, actionUrl, cells_length, columnSort, propSort, sortAscending) {
showProgressBar ();
dojo.xhrPost ({
url: actionUrl,
handleAs: "json",
form: formID,
load: function (resp, ioArgs) {
response =;

document.forms [gridID + "PageInfoForm"] ["paging.current"]. value = "";

if (typeof (resp) == "string") {
hideProgressBar ();
return false;
try {
dojo.byId (gridID + "currentPageNum"). value = "";
var toPageRefreshObject = dijit.byId (gridID);
var gridItems = {items:};
toPageRefreshObject.setStore (new ({data: gridItems}));
dojo.byId (gridID + "totalRecord"). innerHTML = resp.paging.totalRecord;
dojo.byId (gridID + "size"). innerHTML = resp.paging.size;
dojo.byId (gridID + "currentPageNum"). innerHTML = resp.paging.current;
dojo.byId (gridID + "totalPageNum"). innerHTML =;
document.forms [gridID + "PageInfoForm"] ["paging.size"]. value = resp.paging.size;
document.forms [gridID + "PageInfoForm"] ["paging.queryCondition"]. value = resp.paging.queryCondition;
updateHeaderView (gridID, cells_length, columnSort, propSort, sortAscending);
hideProgressBar ();
} Catch (e) {
hideProgressBar ();
return resp;
error: function (resp, sss) {
hideProgressBar ();

Finally, the code page in the list:

dojo.require ("dojox.grid.DataGrid");
dojo.require ("dojo.parser");

var gridList = {identifier: 'batch_ID', items: $ {dojoGridVO.jsonData}};
var initStore = new ({data: gridList});
var layout = [
{Name: '<input type="checkbox" name="all">', width: 6, get: getSelect},
{Id: 'batchName', name: '<fmt:message key="batch.batchName" />', width: 15, field: "batchName"},
{Id: 'batchExt', name: '<fmt:message key="batch.suffix" />', width: 6, field: "batchExt"},
{Id: 'checked', name: '<fmt:message key="batch.checkStatus" />', width: 8, field: "checked"},
{Id: 'posted', name: '<fmt:message key="batch.postStatus" />', width: 8, field: "posted"},
{Name: '<fmt:message key="" />', width: 10, get: selectLink},
{Name: '<fmt:message key="batch.process" />', width: 'auto', get: processColumn}

Want to sort on which fields are defined in the layout, to sort the columns you want to add the id: 'batchName' property, where batchName sort field to spread the name of the background, this usually corresponds with the PO field inside. If you do not need to sort this out, do not add the id attribute.

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