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I had heard bad wildcard selector, it is best not to use, it seems to use only the simplest scenario CSS reset :

* {

Until when I see this article on the specification of simple terms it seems to understand.

Specifications :

First, from the cascade (cascade) begins,

There are typically three sources of css:

1. Own browser user agent

2. Programmer (author) specified

3. User (user) you set in your browser

Because you can specify! import ( this is also best not used ) over the level of force, w3 balance the rights of users and programmers, in fact, the priority levels are:

1. Own browser user agent

2. User (user) you set in your browser

3. Programmer (author) specified

4. Programmer (author) specified! Import

5. User (user) specified in your browser! Important.

Then is specificity (specificity) provides:

As each level is the same element may occur multiple css rules are affected, then the final rules adopted will depend on which rule to which the most special, the highest priority. The priority of each rule based on their css selectors to specify, from high in the end were compared as follows (the total for any one high high)

1. Line up in style

2. Selector id number, and more preferred

3. Selector classes, properties, pseudo-class (last-child) number, and more preferred

4. Selector elements, the number of pseudo-elements, plus more

5. Rules the order in which they appear in the document, which give priority to

Finally is the inheritance (inheritance) the role of the

If an element does not have a rule (the programmer or user) can be directly matched to their own, then according to the definition of the corresponding decision css property can be inherited,

1. To inherit, inherit its parent element in the corresponding calculated values (computed value).

2. Not inherited, then the application of the browser (user agent) the default value.

Where particular attention is the calculated value is inherited (computed value) rather than the user or programmer of the specified value (specified value). In regard to the specified value and the conversion between the calculated values, each attribute has a corresponding css definition of .


1. To explain the issues raised at the beginning, why should not use *

The main reason is to use the *, inheritance of this mechanism is completely ineffective, because * matches any element, then there is no need to inherit the css property, while very often comes naturally inherited, is appropriate, for example:

* {font-size:12px;}

p {font-size:18px;}

    i am

Intention is to set overall by * the font size, but if you want a paragraph in the application of large font, and focus on a word which strong, as strong and be * matches, you can not inherit the parent element's font size p, cause strange effects, which is prohibited so the use of reason.

The reason

* {

Not forbidden, the main reason is their margin, padding is defined as non-inherited , and inherited their margins are also meaningless.

2. Inherited line-height

Have been discussed previously: two details of the minor problems,

Line-height of which explains a bit vague, really for two reasons

1. line-height property is inheritable, and font attributes such as similar, in order to ensure a harmonious whole area, inheritance is necessary.

2. Inherited a calculated value (computed value), line-height four specified values:

2.1: normal (keyword), the browser specified as the number 1.0 - 1.2 between the same effect with the number

2.2: number (number), the calculated value is equal to the specified value

2.3: length (with a unit value), the computer is equal to the absolute value (absolute value), the value of the px unit

2.4: percentage (percentage), calculated value is equal to the value of the specified font size *

Since inheritance is calculated, then the parent element, specify em, ex,% value of the natural units will not be inherited.


For the development of common components, the component needs to be embedded into any page can be normal operation, and more or less affected by the introduction of page styles, then the inheritance and in-depth understanding of the priority becomes essential.

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