Continued deployment is king

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Words were " Continuous Deployment is the Holy Grail . " In hearing these words, my light bulb suddenly lit up. Right is too right. There is the old saying, "Gangjumuzhang." Means to bring the total online fishing rope, one mesh will be open. Many of our practice, as this fishing line mesh sculptures. We lack is a general practice of justice to all linked. No, No, No, you are wrong. You might say that we have such a total rope, it's called Agile. That is the name of yesterday, today called Lean, God knows the names of tomorrow will is valid. The total rope, also called Pragmatic, also called the Value Driven. These are indeed all can play the role of general, but how do you know that you do not
Agile it? Lean is not it? Pragmatic is not it? Is not a Value Driven it? The lack of a practical testability. Continuous Deployment, strong in the fact that he was very straightforward, and even the lack of content. So it is easy to know in the end you do not. This is what we need total rope, can always time to put together all of our practice, Gangjumuzhang.

So why the continued deployment is king of? There are two places can be ambiguous, continuous deployment and benevolent. What is the last deployment? The benevolent what is it? Holy grail, king in fact, that this thing is good. We often verbally expressed admiration for something material, commonly used words is "good." Wang is particularly good. Good is subjective, I think that software development in this area, a good investment on the means to produce sustained from real gold and silver returns. How friendly the interface is not good, not the code more beautiful, all of these indicators are indirect. The only indicator of how much money is in the end produced a return on. If we assume that software development is to produce the only way to return the software deployed into production, to provide services (the other side, if you have not deployed will be able to return, perhaps not a software development project, and perhaps some government departments political project). Can draw a conclusion is to generate sustainable returns must continue to deploy. This appears to be a very simple truth, but plain scary problem is that not all people are aware of this.

Continue to deploy what is it? Continuous means that have been deployed, the relative is the occasional deployment. Continuous and occasional deployment of the difference is that you deploy as a normal, or a chance happening. If deployed in all development actions, which accounted for 10% instead of 1%, then it is no longer only occasionally do things. To deploy the direction towards sustainable means previously developed 10-step forward to do a deployment, you have to first step toward the deployment of 5, 2 steps forward once deployed. Continuous problem is not difficult to understand, the difficulty lies in How? The continued deployment of the front said only a total rope, fishing line and the mesh is How much of the answer. We have SOA architecture, coupled with high-low cohesive design, a Domain Driven Design. There are online Migration. To continue to deploy in your Context to identify the specific solution is the Team need to work things, it's just a direction, rather than a specific solution.

In practice most likely to be confused is the "deployment." This seems to be another very simple and obvious question, but also in the end you will be amazed at how many times we do a real deployment. Not only the installation package to deploy to a machine, people can come to use. Deployment means that do provide services to the business. The easiest way is detected, your anti-deployed software after deployment, how many business can not run, what percentage of users affected. According to this definition, are not deployed to the Staging environment, deployment, deployed as a user with only 1% of the Pilot version is not deployed, deployed to the server, but all users will still then the old system, just out of curiosity to come with a two is not deployed under the circumstances. Only deployed into production, giving the vast majority of users, to provide other systems can not provide the service, which is the real deployment. What can improve the user experience not to stall, do not call anything a this is a Pilot. As long as not really provide irreplaceable services, it is impossible to produce a sub-value. "Deployment" as a test environment, just to the future deployment of the real, to make it a child of Barbara's money, to prepare it. Prior to this, all inputs, not outputs. In the real output before the realization of a waste.

Have you ever asked yourself, you write the code over the past year, have now deployed the. You write the code over the last three months, now is the deployment of the. You write the code over the past month, now is the deployment of the. You code the last two weeks, is now deployed to? Is not that much code, and the functions are powerful, as long as the deployment of at least the possibility that provide value. What we need is that every day, ask yourself this question again. Not only to personal reflection, the whole team should ask this question. Most importantly, product owner, is what we called the Party B is not also ask yourself this question? If so, then good, then the pursuit of excellence in software on the road, at least has begun to hit the road. Before, but it is crawling in the mud.

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