Construction of sub-dictionary mechanism (a)

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Initial contact point for friends, the word for the construction of sub-word dictionary is a thing not to be underestimated. Because the dictionary has a direct impact on performance of the algorithm, running time. In other words, word dictionary constructed well, will improve significantly the performance of segmentation, and a variety of complex segmentation algorithm, is directly dependent on the structural mechanism of sub-dictionary (word segmentation is the foundation.) The following will be constructed in several parts of the mechanism Dictionary describes several methods.
In this article, as I used the most basic approach to the construction of dictionaries, the spelling of the index method. (And we think the most direct method)
The following combination of my application, to share specific practices.
1. Files used to generate a LinkedHashMap pinyin table, and corresponding with the corresponding key. As follows:
hashMap.put ("a", 0);
hashMap.put ("ai", 1);
hashMap.put ("an", 2);
hashMap.put ("ang", 3);
hashMap.put ("ao", 4);
hashMap.put ("ba", 5);
hashMap.put ("bai", 6);
hashMap.put ("ban", 7);
The alphabet "a" on the hash map positions 0, and so on.
2. file This file is used to the pronunciation of Chinese characters into. For example, type "Hello" will return "nihao". Which used getCnAscii () method is based on the Chinese national standard code to the corresponding value of the corresponding type int. As follows:
public static int getCnAscii (char cn) (
byte [] bytes = null;
try (
bytes = (String.valueOf (cn)). getBytes ("gbk");
) Catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) (
/ / TODO Auto-generated catch block
e.printStackTrace ();
if (bytes == null | | bytes.length> 2 | | bytes.length <= 0) (
return 0;
if (bytes.length == 1) (
return bytes [0];
if (bytes.length == 2) (
int hightByte = 256 + bytes [0];
int lowByte = 256 + bytes [1];
int ascii = (256 * hightByte + lowByte) - 256 * 256;
/ / System.out.println ("ASCII =" + ascii);
return ascii;
return 0;

The initialize () method will correspond to the values and save the corresponding relationship between phonetic hash hash map.
(LinkedHashMap <String, Integer> spellMap = new LinkedHashMap <String, Integer> (400);)
spellPut ("a", -20319);
spellPut ("ai", -20317);
spellPut ("an", -20304);
spellPut ("ang", -20295);
spellPut ("ao", -20292);
spellPut ("ba", -20283);
spellPut ("bai", -20265);
spellPut ("ban", -20257);
spellPut ("bang", -20242);
spellPut ("bao", -20230);
spellPut ("bei", -20051);
spellPut ("ben", -20036);
spellPut ("beng", -20032);
... ...

So for a character to be converted to pinyin, the first with getCnAscii () method to obtain int type value, and then under the hash map to find the appropriate pronunciation.
In particular, some of the more than one pronunciation for the word would go to the top surface of the first alphabet. In addition, other circumstances, such as some of the complex were unable to find the corresponding Chinese characters spelling, will be classified as a separate category. (Because this situation is not too much of Chinese characters, so for performance, there is no impact)
3. traverse a txt file dictionary file, in accordance with the pronunciation of a Chinese character will return them in accordance with the different pronunciation of a different class.
public void makeDictionary () throws IOException (/ / Open a stream to file a WordTable.txt
BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader (new FileReader ("stopword.txt"));
String dicItem = "";// word of each line
int currentZiYinIndex = 0; / / current pronunciation of the key
while ((dicItem = bf.readLine ())! = null) (
String firstCharacter = dicItem.substring (0, 1); / / Get the first word
String ziYin = CnToSpell.getFullSpell (firstCharacter); / / Get the first word pronunciation
if (hashMap.get (ziYin)! = null) (
currentZiYinIndex = hashMap.get (ziYin). intValue (); / / get the key corresponding to the first pronunciation
if (dicStr [currentZiYinIndex] == null) (
dicStr [currentZiYinIndex] = dicItem + "";
) Else (
dicStr [currentZiYinIndex] + = dicItem + "";
) / / Otherwise, failed to identify the array into
else (/ / unknownWords each overlay
if (dicStr [395] == null) (
dicStr [395] = dicItem + "";
) Else (
dicStr [395] + = dicItem + "";
Similarly, to find a certain entry, the first word into under the first alphabet, and then narrow the search range according to the alphabet, improve query speed. Procedures are as follows:
public boolean lookDictionary (String words) (
boolean flag = false; / / define boolean variable used to mark whether they find
String firstWord = "";
if (words.length ()> 1) (
firstWord = words.substring (0, 1);
) Else if (words.length () == 1) (
firstWord = String.valueOf (words.charAt (0));
/ / System.out.println (firstWord);
String ziYin = CnToSpell.getFullSpell (firstWord); / / Get the first word pronunciation
int index = 0; / / used to mark key
if (hashMap.get (ziYin)! = null) (
index = hashMap.get (ziYin). intValue ();// get keys, find the corresponding array
) Else (
index = 395;
if (dicStr [index] == null)
return false;
String singleWord [] = dicStr [index]. Split ("");// a long string into multiple words by spaces
int numOfSpace = 0; / / Define a variable to count the number of spaces to be determined by the number after the array
for (int i = 0; i <dicStr [index]. length (); i + +) (/ / statistics of the number of spaces to determine the number of array
if (dicStr [index]. charAt (i) == '') (
numOfSpace + +;
/ / End of the array in the search by word, the flag is set to true if found
for (int ind = 0; ind <(numOfSpace); ind + +) (
if (singleWord [ind]. equals (words)) (
flag = true;
return flag;
Of course, the composition of sub-word dictionary, there are other mechanisms of mainstream focus in the following documents will be sharing with everyone.

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