Classification of printing equipment

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Keywords: printing equipment

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    Keywords: printing equipment This carried over:

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    Keywords: clothing materials, printing equipment 1. Screen printing is used to make textile printing mesh flower pull out from the mesh to the fabric in the form of patterns of printing method. Screen printing equipment at home are the most equipment

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    Keywords: textile printing and dyeing, printing I. Introduction: bring traditional textile printing and dyeing, people will think to that long line of flat screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machines, steaming machines, sizing machines,

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    Keywords: printing, making equipment, review all know, screen printing, including screen printing screen printing of peace. Rotary screen printing since the sixties of last century began to promote the application has been developed rapidly, accounts

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    Keywords: Feng special printing, printing fuente developed patented printing master of scratch-free pulp aid and scraper section fixation, has completely changed the traditional screen printing industry needs to rely on skilled craftsmen and color pr

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    Keywords: textile, printing, technology Fabric prepress processing and printing paste prepared of any real commercial value of printed fabric, printed before the opening must be, after reasonable and adequate pre-treatment, so as to be uniform, moder

  • Pigment discharge printing of technological progress and innovation 2010-02-18

    Keywords: coating, printing, technology, progress and innovation of: I a E Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Honghua 1, Introduction discharge printing of textiles has always been a high value-added products for the consumer favorite. Printed fabric avai

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    Keywords: Best network build: Xu Ping To know the current screen printing used in screening lines are most appropriate to understand how this test can screen printing equipment and screen production mode of production can achieve the maximum resoluti

  • Explore: Digital printing of new markets 2010-02-18

    Keywords: exploration, digital printing, a new market - Beijing Wan Yuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Fan Junyao foreword, general manager of on-site interviews; Games Source Digital is the digital printing system and sign a professional supplier of

  • By direct digital inkjet garment printing machine making of artworks 2010-02-18

    Keywords: Direct digital inkjet garment printing machine compiler / Xu Ping to experience the digital imaging technology in the garment printing on the advantages, must have some grounding in the art. This article describes how to design garment inkj

  • Automatic screen printing machine garment investment ideas and factor analysis 2010-02-18

    Keywords: automatic screen printing machine clothing, investment ideas, factor analysis of the text / art group level Yong Kang efforts after year after year, I believe you have already invested in the new manual platen, hand machines, dryers and pri

  • Honghua VEGA high-speed printing machine belt 2010-02-18

    Keywords: Hong Hua, VEGA high-speed belt printing machine in 2008, has many years of digital printing equipment, textile equipment manufacturing experience of Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. formal launch of the VEGA series of high-spee

  • Direct garment inkjet printing devices: a technical innovation 2010-02-18

    Keywords: direct garment inkjet printing, equipment compile: Zhou Ping carried out directly on the garment digital printing since 2007, has gradually matured. If those words be believed, it is a can in the 12 months following the rapid technology. So

  • T shirt design and printing (below) 2010-02-18

    Keyword: T shirt design, printing T shirt printing deer driven forces for the various processes for T shirt printing process, many can be divided into three categories: 1, screen printing directly; 2, transfer printing; 3, digital printing and others

  • Ying Wei solvent sublimation digital printing inks 2010-02-18

    Keywords: British Wei, solvent, sublimation, digital printing ink jet ink Wangheng Liang Wei Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai United Kingdom If you have been paying attention since 2007, marking the ad industry trade show, or the development of new tech

  • Flutter: Digital printing pioneer 2010-02-18

    Keywords: flutter, digital printing background: Shanghai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. specializes in lightly transfer printing products and flowers design and development style. The main provider of innovative design, pre-proofing, color plate, arrange

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    Keywords: thermal transfer digital printing, digital media thermal transfer thermal transfer printing process advantages of digital printing in short production process is through a variety of digital tools, such as: scanning, digital photos, images

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    Keywords: T-shirt printing, printing plant, jeans, T-shirts we all know, T-shirt is simply a great American invention, after a long few years, we love the T-shirt as the same origin as the United States, jeans , has been around the world in general p

  • Natural plant dyes to clothing printing 2010-02-18

    Keywords: natural plant dye printing clothes are now on the market use chemical dyes, and some chemical dyes pose a threat to human health, some azo dyes in the chemical can be decomposed into toxic aromatic amine, pentachlorophenol, PCP , and some d

  • Cashmere fabric materials and technology of inkjet printing paste 2010-02-18

    Keywords: inkjet printing, pulp, wool fabric, textile printing machine with the awareness of style, sense of color and changes the requirements of new technology, new materials in a combination of organic textiles, textile made the rapid development