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Recently, some friends Tongguo A5 Di soft paper and contact Kandao me, they reflect the problems, Foshan seo webmaster A5 will Zai Wang Yi Ruan Wen's form to explain and will give us a reasonable answer because Foshan seo think this is a very friendly interactive platform webmaster. We feedback the more common problems are basically related to their own Web site is why the K point by search engines. SEO industry as a leader, be sure to expertise within the industry have a very precise understanding, in fact, also from rookie to start Foshan seo, webmaster, or about what and who are suitable SEO, have some understanding of the following I the above problems are summarized under, and gets some experience, and now share the general webmaster friends. Foshan seo is not here, introduced one by one, cited a number of typical cases to you, for your reference.

Question 1 Foshan seo web site has a compressor normal operation, on Sept. 7 about to be Baidu No. -8 K, and very depressed, the line of promotion to the next, and open market, who knows my last Baidu Station K was very stingy, what I am doing something wrong.

Answer: For this question, we first introduced to keep up, what reason would Baidu K your site, then you stand in Baidu K before you made your station what causes the behavior of K Baidu, the last is for everyone solution methods.

Baidu What is behind the website you will be K? First, the site contains illegal content, after several warnings, yet the rectification, it will lead to Baidu and other search engines K your station.

Second, the site De server problems, general, web site server is the normal operation of a premise, when the server is attacked or space of data loss, will Daozhi search engine site is a large-scale K Station, September 2 , suspected to be black and a well-known site follow-up site is Baidu K points to a certain extent.

Third, the site contains a search engine friendly structure or framework of JS turned around, many sites in order to design beautiful, call too much JS and frame structure, leading to websites that are unfriendly to search engines and search engine for the site's structure K points or penalties.

Fourth, the site's content have been modified, in general, non-professional staff of SEO optimization, do not modify the content of the website, including: TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION, as well as website content, modify the rate is too large, will considered unfriendly by search engines.

Rectification methods: 1 Use a good server, some sites their own server, or program their own problems, it needs to change the server to solve the problem. 2 site's content needs to resume, before modifying the site is good, to turn over Zhihou site appears a problem, so the contents before restoration, and Buduangengxin Ziji's website, this is a good solution. 3 looking for a professional website optimization to optimize the solution to address the site's architecture and navigation settings and so on. 4 Try not to make more use of the framework structure and JS, to the premise of the search engine friendly.

Foshan seo think we need to insist on rectification of the site is optimized until the search engine recognizes our site, we can gain more experience.

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