Changzhou Jun Hong - energy saving root of the problem - cold pad-batch dyeing yarn project description (3)

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Keywords: energy conservation, yarn, cold pad-batch dyeing, Projects

(4) process synergies.
Although the steps of the technology and equipment more, more units, such as yarn, pre-treatment, drying, dyeing, cold pad-batch, set the key steps in first class, through the simulation design, simulation of the yarn and the yarn scouring and bleaching system, cold-rolled batch dyeing system of the organic convergence of theoretical issues. And after the test and trial production that cold pad-batch dyeing yarn equipment technology coordination, and can be applied to actual production.
(5) product adaptation.
The technology and equipment in addition to dye than cotton yarn, Viscose Yarn line, wool, silk, little improvement can also be dyed yarn, synthetic fibers, other, the device also can paint dyed yarn.
Cold pad-batch dyeing yarn technology and equipment to 100% of the replacement of a beam dyeing, dyed weft some alternative.
The advantages of cold batch dyeing yarn yarn dyeing methods of traditional dyeing, yarn dyeing, beam dyeing, belong to the gap-type disseminated; cold pad dyeing yarn semi-continuous dyeing, is a traditional dip revolution, in comparison with the traditional yarn dyeing, the following significant advantages:
① significant energy saving. Way dip dye 1 ton of yarn for every 8 tons of steam consumption, power consumption 1200 degrees; cold pad-steam 1 ton of yarn consumed 2.46 tons; power consumption of 600 degrees;
② emissions have obvious advantages. Wastewater discharge, the infection (imported equipment) per 1 ton of yarn dyed, 110 ~ 120 tons of waste water discharge, (domestic equipment) per 1 ton of yarn dyed, 140 ~ 150 tons of waste water emissions, 1 ton of cold pad-batch dyeing yarn waste water discharge of 13.3 t; cold pad-batch dyeing dyeing process with NaOH, do not Na2C03 and Na2S04, salt-free dyeing, no sludge; cold pad-batch dyeing of yarn before the treatment, to change the traditional dyeing of boiling, bleaching methods, by way of increased permeability at room temperature Mao efficiency, significantly reduce the amount of steam and water, COD discharge from the traditional dyeing> 1000, decreased N
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