[Change] MAC novice most likely to commit 30 errors

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Ah, many really beginning to get used to, and it is obviously inconvenient and shortcomings, Apple apparently did not learn from the spirit of Microsoft's. - Shappy

* The application window closed, they think that has been closed (left) the application software. Positive solution: It should be from the context menu, select "end" command.

* Download an application after its loaded in the disk image file to your desktop window to open and execute to use it. Positive solution: the application should first load the disk image file to the desktop, then drag the application of which the application program file folder.

* Added a lot of unnamed folder. Positive solution: It should be named after the 11.

* Enter the URL of a site to Safari's Google search field in order to go to the site. Positive solution: You should enter the URL to the URL field, rather than the search field.

* The "Wallpaper" and "Screen Saver" confusion. Positive solution: the two are different things.

* Double-click twice on the title bar in the window that will maximize the window, but will be down to the Dock.

* Do not understand the window, the contents of the "column" shows the usefulness of methods, but only blindly use "images" are displayed.

* Never use any keyboard shortcuts.

* That after switching to Mac from any computer on the aspect of the problem.

* Select the image on the desktop, press Enter to open it on that. Positive solution: In fact, entering the re-naming the state.

* Try to find a window at the top of the menu bar is located, rather than the top of the screen.

* Try to pull Windows to change the window size of the edge. Positive solution: You should go to pull and drag a window, the lower right corner of the "size of the control grid."

* Use the shortcut key combination, used to press the CTRL key, rather than CMD key.

* That can be easily stuck in the CD-ROM drive CD-ROM inside out.

* When to use an application software, go to open the software installer and install it, simply because mistaken the implementation of the installation program is equivalent to the implementation of the application software.

* Can not find the "Internet" where, just because they where no impression of Microsoft's IE's "e" word image.

* Apple has repeatedly tried to press the CMD key tags that can pull down the "Apple" menu, simply because Microsoft Windows systems can rely on the press the "Windows" key to pull "Start" menu.

* Mistakenly believe that upper-left corner of the window by pressing the "green plus" that is, window zoom button, you can size the window to full screen mode to open. Mac OS X is because the concept is to pull Windows to "be able to display all the contents of the width and height of windows" as the maximum, rather than Microsoft Windows system, Windows will be open to full screen size is maximized.

* Looking for an application to remove the software program to uninstall the application software. Positive solution: As long as the application software can be uninstalled drag bins.

* Will open the windows shrink to a minimum which is shortened to dock, but will not be used to "hide" feature.

* From the dock to open applications, they all double-click. Positive solution: simply click once.

* Accidentally click and drag a dock on the application software images, leading to remove it from the dock.

* Veteran files stored on the desktop or a fixed hard drive somewhere, rather than within the user's Home folder.

* Unable to identify such as "rolling beach ball", "Happy Valley, the progress bar" such as "ongoing" situation shows, so again and again to open an application or file.

* Unknown is the use of dock is used to open or switch to jump to a particular application.

* As accustomed to Microsoft Windows systems can only see a window of the "full screen" mode, so many windows open at one time will be working in situations of confusion and confused.

* Apple 2 Delete key on the keyboard (a step backwards delete key, one is forward delete key) confused. Because the general regression delete key on a PC are usually labeled as "Back Space" instead of "Delete".

* Edit the file, because the relationship between the usual Microsoft Windows system, mistakenly thinking that the keyboard on the HOME and END keys are respectively the current row cursor jump to the head and tail. Positive solution: in fact, jump to the beginning and end of the file at?; To jump to the line where the cursor is currently head and tail, please press the CMD key and ← →.

* Microsoft Windows systems because of the relationship between customary and will copy a folder to your hard disk somewhere, if the same name folder exists, the misconception that two folder the contents of the same name will be merged. Positive Solutions for: Mac OS X's approach is to later replace the previous folder, um, that is, the previous folders and it contains all of the content will be deleted.

* The "more complicated" method to use Mac OS X. For example, enter "System Preferences" in the "Network" and go to start the AirPort wireless network, rather than from the AirPort menu on the menu bar directly to start the selection.

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