Build your own DebianInstaller.

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After the crappy experience with btrfs (IO hang), I decided to try out Reiser4.
Different with btrfs, DebianInstaller created root cannot be converted into Reiser4. Things must be done from the very beginning. 8-(

Here is the process how I created debian-installer mini CD. XMind file

Since libparted does not support reiser4 yet. So you have to make a standard installation process until after partitioning, and mannually mkfs.reiser4 to the root device (backup first, then restore) and modify fstab.

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    After the crappy experience with btrfs (IO hang), I decided to try out Reiser4. Different with btrfs, DebianInstaller created root cannot be converted into Reiser4. Things must be done from the very beginning. 8-( Here is the process how I created de

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