Brought online shopping?

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[Color = brown] [/ color] [/ size] a friend of mine said that online shopping is very cumbersome, very safe. In fact, I would say it was he did not understand the network, do not understand online shopping.
Online shopping is very secure and very cheap. Security is based on the secure website, cheap because it's operating costs lower than the general store. We can not deny that there are a lot of friends are unscrupulous sellers fool the network, for this we are hated. Why do some people it can be cheated? They do not have a sense of reality is in fact an extension of the network, it also has the shameful side. If we are just normal to abandon a great deal, dream come true state of mind is basically the same as in real life also, "Baidu," does not infringe. So we have to share a positive view of the emerging network of things.
Some people asked the "what can what is safe online shopping?" The general safety of the site it should be certified through the relevant departments before they can operate, with the supervision of the department that we can rest assured that shopping; time watching it size and reputation, this is not a sham in the short term can make out. In fact, we pay more attention to detail can be very good to Tell on top of.
Furthermore, it is on the website of its own security problems. We all know loopholes in Microsoft's system, whereas it is as good a product is flawed and our shopping site also exist similar problems, but no less serious fills but everyone we do not want our privacy to be stolen or used other , so we choose the system is superior as much as possible sites to improve security. In fact, online shopping can bring us many benefits, it's the end of the cost of casting cost it its excellent online shopping will become a trend when we truly understand and begin online shopping online shopping we will know the pleasure of [b] [/ b ] [size = large]