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78.Linux backup strategy

To back up files can usually be divided into two categories: one is the system, is similar to a class of data network services

The host system need to back up files:

/ Etc / entire directory

/ Home the entire directory

/ Var / spool / mail

/ Boot

/ Root

/ Usr / local or / opt backup at best

Network services databases:

Data set file: / etc / entire directory, / usr / local whole directory

System www + MySQL

Available on the Linux host of other database data files

Select the backup tool

Full backup tool

tar, cpio and dump a full backup is very commonly used tool, dd is also a good command. cpio biggest advantage is that "even a general device file can be copied." Make a full backup using cpio is a good choice.

Using cpio to backup and restore

# Find /-print | cpio-covB> / dev/st0 <== Backup to tape drive

# Cpio-iduv </ dev/st0

Use tar to backup and restore

# Tar - exclude / proc - exclude / mnt - exclude / tmp> zcvpf host.tgz /

# Tar-zxvf host.tgz

Use dd to back up exactly the same as the hard disk

# Dd if = / dev / hda of = / dev / hdb

Some of the basic tools Backup

Assuming the data to back up MySQL database every day, the daily data are saved as separate files, files by date to distinguish the old and new

# Tar-zpcvf mysql. `Date +% Y-% m-% d`. Tgz / var / lib / mysql

# Tar-N '2011 / 10/01 '-zpcvf home.tgz / home

Daily backup behavior

Daily data backup script