Book: Oracle 11g DBA of the proposed underground - Beyond the Basics

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Book: Oracle 11g DBA of the proposed underground - Beyond the Basics

Oracle 11g DBA underground of proposals - Beyond the Basics

  • Book: Oracle 11g DBA of the proposed underground - Beyond the Basics 2011-09-18

    Oracle 11g DBA underground of proposals - Beyond the Basics

  • Oracle 11g installation to 85% in Win7 reason to stop 2010-03-19

    In the first installation of Oracle 11g Win7 situation Check for errors when you install both, and now the picture above the text inside the error box paste out: Checking operating system requirements ... Required results: 5.0,5.1,5.2,6.0 one of the

  • oracle 9i and oracle 10g and oracle 11g What is the difference?? 2010-04-01

    Oracle 9i What more than 8i new features ? In brief : 9i Easier to manage . Detail : Concurrent cluster, 8i OPS upgrade 9i RAC,8i Nodes to exchange information between the use of hard drives, 9i node network cable between the high-speed cache fusion

  • (English Corrector Series 1) Install Oracle 11g server / client on AIX 6.1.4 2010-06-24

    Preface Check software pre-requisite, the following filesets are required for oracle 11g, you can follow this guide to install these filesets. bos.adt.base bos.adt.lib bos.adt.libm bos.perf.libprefstat bos.perf.perfstat bos.perf.proctools xlC.aix50.r

  • On Oracle 11g Transparent Data Encryption 2010-07-20

    Upgrade large object (Large Object, or LOB) storage capacity is a key reason the data in Oracle 11g in the growing security needs, this paper is to examine how expansion in LOB and table space, transparent data encryption (Transparent Data Encryption

  • oracle 11g automatic memory management 2010-08-21

    Oracle optimization of memory management has never stopped, from 8i to 11g constantly introduce new management concepts. Each edition is on the memory management is simplified: 8i-> 9i: PGA automatic management; 9i-> 10g: SGA automatic management; 1

  • Oracle 11g data and video entry 2011-05-11

    Oracle 11g Introduction to data and video Oracle11g Introduction Part 1 1.1 Oracle's development 1.2 Oracle's main products 1.3 Why learn Oracle11g 1.4 Oracle11g Introduction 1.5 Oracle11g certification 1.6 Oracle11g installation (for Windows) 1.7 Or

  • Oracle 11g R2 on CentOS 5.5 operating system installation 2011-02-09

    1 Creating Users and Groups / Usr / sbin / groupadd oinstall / Usr / sbin / groupadd dba / Usr / sbin / useradd-g oinstall-G dba oracle passwd oracle (2) create an installation record mkdir-p / u01/app/oracle/product / chown-R oracle: oinstall / u01

  • Oracle 11g R2 installation of Linux environment configuration 2011-04-11

    Environment OS CentOS 5.4 Oracle 11g R2 DB version 1) Check the memory size of the basic needs grep MemTotal / proc / meminfo Swap partition size grep SwapTotal / proc / meminfo Increase the swap partition to create / home / swap file such a partitio

  • Oracle 11g Introduction to Data and Video 2011-05-11

    Oracle 11g Introduction to Data and Video Part 1 Oracle11g Introduction 1.1 Oracle Development 1.2 Oracle's main products 1.3 Why learn Oracle11g 1.4 Oracle11g Introduction 1.5 Oracle11g certification 1.6 Oracle11g installation (for Windows) 1.7 Orac

  • Scientific Linux 6 (x86_64) install oracle 11g r2 2011-06-25

    I have Scientific Linux 6 (x86_64) installed. Using the GNOME graphical interface, install the Development Tools in time to the development packages are installed on my machine for the 4G physical memory. Modify system parameters step1: vi / etc / sy

  • Redhat Linux5 install the Oracle 11g database 2011-10-27

    The latest version of Oracle 11g R2 version is, many online installation instructions are 9i or 10g, and I introduced RHEL5.5 installed in accordance with Oracle 11gR2 is always a problem, then see the official document describes the CD's doc directo

  • ofbiz9框架 + oracle 11g整合开发 2010-12-29

    ofbiz9框架 + oracle 11g整合开发 转自 转自!FA3F6195E8CF95F7!236.entry 核心提示:ofbiz默认的数据库为derby,这个当然不能在生产环境中使用,而且也不方便调试和管理.虽然ofbiz也支持很多的开源数据库,例如 mysql等,但是我们这里还是使用主流的数据库系统oracle 11g.详细的

  • rhel 6下安装oracle 11g R2 2012-03-09

    我在RHEL6 32位上安装.使用GNOME图形界面,安装的时候把Development Tools里 的开发包都安装上,或者快速安装后搭建本地yum源再利用群组安装也可.值得注意的是 swap要求至少3G,我的机器为2G物理内存. 安装过程分为两步,一是修改系统参数,二是软件及数据库安装. 修改系统参数 step1: vi /etc/sysctl.conf, 添加如下参数: fs.aio-max-nr = 1048576 fs.file-max = 6815744 kernel.shmall

  • debian6 32位 oracle 11g r2 & debian6 64位 oracle ... 2012-05-07

    32位的早些时候安装过,很顺利,64位的遇到了些麻烦,所以必须记录下来 参考 这篇和 老大的文章,开始安装 1.现检查自己的系统环境安装一些软件包, # apt-get install gcc make binutils lesstif2 libc6 libc6-dev rpm libmotif3 libaio libstdc++5 gawk alien libg++ ksh gcc-3.3 g++-3.3 其实我之前编译安装node,mysql之类的好多包已经装

  • centos6.5下搭建oracle 11g 2014-12-28

    1.安装依赖 $ sudo yum install binutils compat-libstdc++-33 compat-libstdc++-33.i686 elfutils-libelf elfutils-libelf-devel gcc gcc-c++ glibc glibc.i686 glibc-common glibc-devel glibc-devel.i686 glibc-headers ksh libaio libaio.i686 libaio-devel libaio-deve

  • CentOS 6.5 安装Oracle 11g R2 2015-01-26

    CentOS 安装Oracle 11g R2 实验环境: Linux服务器操作系统:CentOS 5.5 32位(注意:系统安装时请单独分区/data用来安装oracle数据库) Linux服务器IP地址: Oracle数据库版本:linux_11gR2_database Windows客户端系统:Windows Xp 具体操作: 一.安装 X window yum groupinstall "X Window System" vim /etc/initta

  • Black Hat: Oracle 11g database, there is a zero-day vulnerabilities 2009-07-16

    A well-known security researchers demonstrated how to use the previous day zero-day attacks break Oracle 11g database, security, and from access to full control. Researcher David Litchfield of NGS Consulting demonstrates how to break the security and

  • window xp install oracle 11g 2010-03-20

    1, to install Oracle 11G in the windows when the error, the Internet search of the circle did not find a reasonable explanation. Hope that the master pointers, thank you.

  • In ubuntu 9.04, rapid installation oracle 11g 2010-06-10

    1. First oracle site to download the oracle 11g for linux in the zip package and extract 2. In the user executed. / RunInstaller-jreLoc / usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre / (I specified to use my installed jdk, otherwise Chinese garbled) To be continued ..