Beijing Gas to change the basic characteristics of gas tube

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The proportion of gas that has a unit volume of gas by the density of states with the same air density ratio, also known as relative density or relative weight. The volume of liquid LPG expansion due to temperature increases. Filled with liquefied petroleum gas in an enclosed container, with the temperature increasing, rapid expansion of its volume so the pressure will quickly rise to the bursting of the container. Beijing Gas change management , such as the volume expansion coefficient of water is set to 1, the volume of liquid LPG expansion coefficient is about 16 times that of water. Saturated vapor pressure and the container size and how much liquid has nothing to do, and liquefied petroleum gas components and temperature. Temperature, the saturated vapor pressure increases; light component than the reorganization of the saturated vapor pressure were great. The pressure per unit area is called stress intensity, referred to as pressure. Works on the pressure of the pressure for short. Pressure is divided relative, absolute pressure, negative pressure. Relative pressure: The measurement instrument to measure that part of the pressure, also known as gauge pressure, positive pressure, work pressure. Absolute pressure: atmospheric pressure and the pressure and the table, called the absolute pressure, also known as the actual pressure. Negative pressure: The measurement instrument to measure atmospheric pressure below that part of the pressure at this time because of the relative pressure less than atmospheric pressure, because that value is positive, is called negative pressure. Also called vacuum. Continuous combustion of fuel to the lowest temperature, called ignition temperature. At normal pressure (atmospheric pressure), the ignition temperature of LPG 365-460 ℃, gas ignition temperature 270-540 ℃, city gas ignition temperature of 270-605 ℃. The ignition temperature is lower than other multi-fuel, so called flammable gas. Beijing Gas change control combustible gas and air mixture case of fire caused by explosion of the combustible gas concentration is referred to as explosive limit. In this mixture of combustible gas concentration when reduced to not form explosive mixtures which when the content of combustible gas known as the lower explosion limit; and when the combustible gas content has been increased to not form explosive mixtures which when the content of that ceiling for the explosion. Combustion heat value, the combustible gas components (hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide) under certain conditions, and oxygen radical oxidation, and produce large amounts of heat and light of the physical and chemical reaction called combustion.

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