Beijing Accreditation QQ: 4207232

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Beijing Accreditation QQ: 4207232, Hotline: 13539875026 Contact: Mr. Wang; the company has been the integrity of services to best treat people with the highest professional standards to meet your satisfactory results. Our mission is "Honesty first, and for you, love is important," We are willing to honestly serve enterprises with large businesses and individuals to build a real relationship and friendship.
The Company's website:
1, full-time graduate books, self-examination, adult education, (including specialty, undergraduate, graduate, master, PhD) graduates file, English four, six, eight certificates, IELTS, Computer Grade, foreign language exam, and can make printing according to customer requirements.
2, the project manager certificate, accounting, accountants, engineers, Teacher, physician accreditation, nursing qualification card.
3, ID card, passport, Hong Kong identity card, Home Visit Permit, divorce certificates, marriage certificates and so on. And can be a real agent accounts.
4, the local license plates, driving permits, driving licenses, road maintenance, tax payment certificate, annual, tax-payment, certificate, car invoices.
5, housing all the warrants, housing his key of E, the state-owned land use right certificates, land his entry warrants, business license.
6, may apply for the bank draft stubs, invoices around the general, construction and installation invoices, machinery and equipment invoices, auto sales invoices.
7, various types of rubber and India, Atomic printing, photosensitive printing, steel Tong Yin and artistic design and carving India
8, various types of print design printing plate
9, various types of documents, information consultation
10, various types of tax agent
QQ: 4207232 Company Website: Service Hotline: 13539875026