Architecture and software of the similarities and differences in the mode

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CSDN transparency is held in high esteem " Timeless way of building "Think from the software to explore the path of eternity, and on the" design mode "to write a special article" Explore the timeless way of software , "Read one of my opinion a lot of very inspired, I will also be the" design mode "as an easy solution, not from a high to look" design mode "in the software status, the following are some of my own ideas:

Architecture and software to certain places can be to describe the

Especially in traditional Chinese architecture, it is very stress patterns, which are due to traditional culture, such as Peking opera-style resort has one Taolu; draw Chinese also have routines, tree how to draw law? There are several draw law? Art U.S. usually are create their own routines, such as the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, beginning sophisticated ink Act, when the tree will not need to draw the outline of this model, but a go, some bias leaves, brush and ink to be dry when you draw trunks In this way, a live tree on freehand draw out.

In fact, my description above is a model, create a model of people are Master, but never too much models people are artisans.

To return to traditional architecture, the Chinese are building too much emphasis on the traditional model, and so little development of architectural style, the basic North-South sub-factions, everyone has a feeling that when traveling to the south, you found almost all the ancient architecture Name home ; the north because of people and other ethnic minorities by the full impact of color on some building at the South are different, but a lot of details about the same place. These are the embodiment mode.

Because of building materials and function as well as by the cost of the impact of model types used in small, and software that are quite different.

Since this point is different, resulting in building the management model and software have a lot of different management models, and some people can not recognize this point, it could have had a substantial use of "software blue collar" of the mind, building admire him because of "migrant workers" low-cost.

Want to know the software and have a building opposite the responsibility and purpose, and that is: a modern society, do not plan on a sense of change, fierce competition, all unpredictable, it is necessary to meet all of these changes, the most important information technology software Only software can help mankind to cope with the changes. and this point coincides with the building want to go against the building are unable to assist human beings to cope with change, (instead of its own requirements of a solid, honest person to help shelter, the total should not called human in the open air or leaves the computer software under the open bar).

Software to assist human beings to cope with changes in the software This is the primary duty, therefore, the software model and the purpose of building not the same and that the construction of the model can be because a lot of reasons: the creativity of architecture Master; materials innovation; building in these models once prone Another disadvantage is that sometimes hinder the development of architecture in itself, because a lot of people would not think of creation, re-use the old model of the design, impede the development of architecture.

However, in software, which on the contrary, the emergence of software patterns are changing things too much because, in order to alleviate the burden of humanity with some of the same things first mode curing, so that human beings can be more focused to deal with things Change , so at substantial software re-use mode (I personally think this kind of software called a framework of software, such as J2EE), not only did not hinder the development of software, it is to promote software development. because other people use this software on can be more focused on dealing with those who are unable to use the application model onto.

Can be about software architecture and the role of the model can be summarized as follows:

In terms of software, the model is to help humanity to the "Change" battle, but also required in the software and 'Change' direct face-to-face combat weapons: people's thinking, especially the creation of analytical thinking and so on, these are really the soul of the software, This thinking can be said that the demand for as long as there is in practice (if new project) in relation to the requirements occur, the high frequency of human creation or analysis of thinking determines the quality and characteristics of software.

In the building, the model can constitute a building full of knowledge, when there is new demand (if new project), the general use of the old model can achieve, so the creation of human thinking and analysis rather than for each project must also not very important, and creative thinking on demand only icing on the cake (unless human beings have lived since leaving the Earth 〕 .