ArcGIS Server manager can not solve the land problem

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ArcGIS Server 9. 2 The manager could not land. Installation problem when nothing, post install, no problem, open the mananger enter post install set arcgismanager user name and password to die, there: incorrect login information, that I die not get the installation environment:
Windows XP + SP2, firewall off, landing OS user belongs to Administrators group when the computer does not belong to any domain

Installation are:
ArcGIS Server 9.2 for java Enterprise; SOM and SOC of the two services are running

Other conditions:
Ann had previously ArcGIS Server 9.2 for java beta version has been uninstalled; the original computer name and user name when landing the same OS, has been modified, resulting in ArcGIS Server 9.2 can not start the SOM, has been re-installed ArcGIS Server 9.2 for java; original computer user name without password, password has been added;

According to expert guidance,
1. Remove the "Computer Management -> Local Users and Groups" in the Post Install established arcgismanager, ArcGISSOC, ArcGISSOM and agsadmin, agsusers;
2. Stopped ArcGIS Server Manager Service, ArcGIS Server Object Manager;
3. Restart the computer;
4. Re Post Install
5. Log manager, BUT, STILL "incorrect login information "!!!!! manager can not login ..

1, check your current login user name is in the server group, I installed the current user, current user login, my user name is CJ, the ADMIN and USER group.
2, open Explorer, Tools menu -> Folder Options -> View, remove the inside of the simple file sharing
3, Username: the column should fill the machine name + Login
Password: column fill in the login user's password.
For example: my hostname is the grace, the user is administrator, password is 123
Should be filled in as:
user: grace \ administrator
password: 123
4, turn off the firewall on the ok;
5, re-post-inatallation or restart service;
I also encountered the problem can not login Manager, then check some information on the Internet, all the move to spend the whole, the results did not clarify which played a key role in the end, you can log on. As follows:
1. Uninstall Firefox browser.
2. Cancel simple file sharing.
3, with the Administrator login, re PostInstall it.
4. Will Administrtor are added agsadmin and agsusers user group.
5. Add 80,135 ports and ArcSOC, ArcSOM exceptions to the firewall, start windowsXP firewall. Turn off the other firewall software.
6. Reboot the machine or service.

In my opinion, this method should be the key to restart the firewall turned off!
7, I encountered a problem: the user name is: administrator password is: 123456! QAZXSW @
Can not login, then change the password length: 123456 This can be landed
8, does not support empty passwords


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