Application of Snoopy

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1 crawl content of the page fetch
2 pages of text crawl content (remove HTML tags) fetchtext
3 crawl pages link to form fetchlinks fetchform
4 support the proxy host
5 supports basic user name / password authentication
6 supports setting user_agent, referer (origin), cookies and header content (header file)
7 support for browser redirects, and can control the depth redirect
8 pages of links can expand into high-quality url (default)
9 to submit data and get the return value
HTML frame 10 to support tracking
11 when the transfer cookies to support redirection

1 to obtain the contents of the specified url
<? Php
$ Url = "";
include ("snoopy.php");
$ Snoopy = new Snoopy;
$ Snoopy-> fetch ($ url); / / Get all elements
echo $ snoopy-> results; / / Display results
/ / Optional The following
$ Snoopy-> fetchtext / / Get the text content (remove the html code)
$ Snoopy-> fetchlinks / / Get the link
$ Snoopy-> fetchform / / Get the form

2 form submission
<? Php
$ Formvars ["username"] = "admin";
$ Formvars ["pwd"] = "admin";

$ Action = ""; / / form submission address
$ Snoopy-> submit ($ action, $ formvars );//$ formvars for the submission of an array
echo $ snoopy-> results; / / get the form to submit the results to return after
/ / Optional The following
$ Snoopy-> submittext; / / return removed only after the submission of the text html
$ Snoopy-> submitlinks; / / only return after the submission link

3 camouflage
<? Php
$ Formvars ["username"] = "admin";
$ Formvars ["pwd"] = "admin";
$ Action = "";
include "snoopy.php";
$ Snoopy = new Snoopy;
$ Snoopy-> cookies ["PHPSESSID"] = 'fc106b1918bd522cc863f36890e6fff7'; / / camouflage sessionid
$ Snoopy-> agent = "(compatible; MSIE 4.01; MSN 2.5; AOL 4.0; Windows 98)"; / / camouflage browser
$ Snoopy-> referer = ""; / / disguise the source page address http_referer
$ Snoopy-> rawheaders ["Pragma"] = "no-cache"; / / cache of http header
$ Snoopy-> rawheaders ["X_FORWARDED_FOR"] = ""; / / mask ip
$ Snoopy-> submit ($ action, $ formvars);
echo $ snoopy-> results;

We can disguise the original browser session camouflage, camouflage ip, haha can do a lot of things.
For example, with a verification code to verify ip to vote, you can stop the vote.
ps: Here camouflage ip, http header is camouflage, so generally obtained through REMOTE_ADDR ip is not disguised,
It is those who get through the http header ip's (which can prevent the kind of agent) can themselves create ip.
On how to verify the code, it simply follows:
First using an ordinary browser, view the page, find the authentication code corresponding to the sessionid,
Also note the sessionid and authentication code value
Then on to forge with snoopy.
Principle: Because it is made with a sessionid verification code and the first input is the same.

4 Sometimes we may need to fake something more, snoopy completely reminds us of
<? Php
$ Snoopy-> proxy_host = "";
$ Snoopy-> proxy_port = "8080"; / / Use a proxy

$ Snoopy-> maxredirs = 2; / / redirection number

$ Snoopy-> expandlinks = true; / / whether the completion time of the link often used in the acquisition of
/ / Example link for the / images / taoav.gif can be changed to link it all [img] [/ img]

$ Snoopy-> maxframes = 5 / / maximum allowed number of frame
/ / Note the time frame grab $ snoopy-> results returned is an array

$ Snoopy-> error / / return error message

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