Application of new discharge agent for pigment discharge printing technique silk (1)

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Keywords: printing, discharge agent T, coatings, thickeners, adhesives

Application of new discharge agent for pigment discharge printing technique silk (1)

Chen Bin, Jian-Zhong Shao, Liu Jin-qiang, Cheng Huan, Zhejiang University of Technology this advanced technology of textile materials and preparation of the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory, Hangzhou (310018)

Abstract: To meet the ecological requirements of environmental protection, application of formaldehyde-free discharge agent with T instead of the traditional silk formaldehyde discharge agent for pigment discharge printing. By acid dyes and reactive dyes to color the pull test can be found pulling agent with conventional discharge agent T has the equivalent effect of pulling white; test K / S value, printing fastness, feel and performance of resistance to discharge agent preferred thickeners and adhesives and other indicators, the results show that the discharge agent T to the thickener and binder of more conventional discharge agent is small, the most appropriate discharge agent T
Thickening agent for pigment discharge printing systems and adhesives were complex thickener (PT-RV: PFL = 1:1) and adhesives
APF101; through the discharge agent resistant coating color properties of the system compared with that of printing coating can be used as a discharge agent T
Discharge printing of color paint.
Key words: discharge printing; discharge agent T; coating; thickener; adhesives CLC: TS194.452
1. Introduction pigment discharge printing technique as a simple, clean, economical and complete printing chromatography, colorful, good light fastness, printing profile is sharp and distinct advantages, such as favored by consumers [1-2] . However, pulling all kinds of conventional discharge printing agent are meeting sulfate formaldehyde [3], production and use in the printing process will be the release of free formaldehyde, endangering human health and the environment, so the development of a environment-friendly discharge agent imminent. This article discusses the research group developed a new type of discharge agent
T in the discharge printing of silk paint application.
2. Experimental
2.1 Experimental Materials
02 Crepe de Chine (cooked), discharge agent T (Home), weak acid brilliant orange GS and other acid dye (commercial grade), Des darreh horse prime series reactive dye (commercial grade), thickener PFL, etc. all kinds of thickener (industrial), adhesives and other adhesives APF101 (industrial), De Sida series of companies such as paint.
2.2 Experimental apparatus and equipment
IR-12 IR dyeing machine (Taiwan, New Sweden), Mini MDF/767 type magnets printing machine (Austria, Zimmer),
[email protected]### Page ###@=================DHE65102 Type Universal steaming baking machine (Switzerland, Mathis), continuous stereotyped curing machine (Taiwan, New Sweden), DV- Ⅱ +
Type viscometer (USA, BROOKFIELD), LLY-01 Electronic stiffness meter (Electronic Instruments Ltd., Laizhou City),
WSD- Ⅲ Automatic brightness meter (Beijing Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. Hong), SF600X type Computer Color Matching instrument (the United States,
Datacolor), Y571L-type dye fastness meter (Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. Laizhou)
2.3 Discharge Printing Printing → mixing → drying (50 ℃ , 5min) → steam (105 ℃ , 100%, 5min) → baking (150 ℃ , 3min)
→ Cold water washing → Cold water washing → drying → soaping → Performance Testing.
2.4 Test Methods
2.4.1 Determination of whiteness and whiteness of the experimental apparatus is included in CIE chromaticity whiteness specifications, the measured values of the larger, the greater the whiteness, the whiteness measured for the blue white degree. Each sample measured three times, taking the average.
2.4.2 Viscosity Thickener companies using U.S. BROOKFIELD DV- Ⅱ + type Viscometer viscosity under the thickener in 30RPM.
2.4.3 Determination of fabric apparent color depth (K / S value)
Application SF600X type Computer Color Matching measured K / S values measured for each sample three different points, taking the average.
2.4.4 Determination of stiffness fabric stiffness tester for the LLY-01 Electronic stiffness device, the tested fabric samples cut into 24cm 2cm long article on the apparatus stiffness measured stiffness.
2.4.5 rubbing fastness test in accordance with the GB/T3920-1997 Textiles rubbing fastness test method, applied Y571L-type dye fastness detection by HPLC.
2.4.6 washable textile color fastness test in accordance with the washing fastness test GB/T3921.1-1997 determined.
Test samples will be cut 10 4CM's long, two each with the power spinning cotton lining, combined with a needle and thread stitched into the sample.
The combination of specimen with 0.5% soap flakes in the solution (bath ratio 1:50), 40 degree heat for 30 minutes.
2.4.7 permeability test using Y561 fabric permeability tester, according to GB / T 5453-1985 test ventilation volume, the greater the permeability the better ventilation volume.

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