Apple Iphone advantage over domestic Android reason!

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First, the domestic application development iphone to do a few difficulties and risks:
First, the development of Apple iphone application must use a computer, which for ordinary developers who can be a big challenge.

Second, the development of Chinese language in the iphone application is basically not making money, because China has 91 such sites, a large number of full hack iphone software developers lead the country to develop without passion.

Third, the iphone application development is difficult in English and foreign developers to make competition as less familiar with the relevant foreign markets.

Fourth, uploaded to the software inside the iphone App Store will soon be buried into the rankings.

Second, Android than advantages:
First, Anroid is a development platform. The present day, more than 16w of the Android device shipments, but this rate is still increasing, which means that if a year later, the world may have more than 100 million units of the Android devices, Android devices will be in about a year beyond the amount of iphone become the flagship smartphone platform.

Second, Android is java development, programming languages, from a global point of view list, java has been occupying the first position, and used iphone application development Object C language has only just entered the top 10. In China, the most java developers.

Third, Android Getting Started is easy, a small price. One is to do with java development, another thousand dollars even if you bought a used computer can do the same development.

Fourth, Android in China, especially fire. We see China's major operators have joined the Alliance and the Android open them, all in the Android phone manufacturers such as moto, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and so on in the Android phone, the originator of earlier cottage joined MTK Android's open to alliances, which means that the cottage-based Android soon deep into the people on others.

Fifth, Android in China have very good learning atmosphere and the development community, such as the eoe Android operating China's largest developer community eoeandroid communities, often held in conjunction google android developer activities, free of charge to developers for free distribution of information, Android developers in China are no longer confused, not only learned android application development, but also to understand what kind of Android applications can make money.

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