ANT + Eclipse

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The use of ANT to compile, unit testing, deployment packaging.

  • maven ant eclipse安装 2013-04-04

    在此之前需要JDK. maven安装: 1.在apache官网下载apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz 2.解压 tar xvzf apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz,mv apache-maven-3.0.5 /usr/local/maven. 3.环境变量,vi /etc/profile,export M2_HOME=/usr/local/maven export PATH=$M3_HOME/bin:$PATH,变量生效source /etc/p

  • ANT + Eclipse 2010-03-29

    The use of ANT to compile, unit testing, deployment packaging.

  • development of the ant eclipse ejb3 file 2010-03-29

    <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <project name="helloworld" basedir="."> <property name="src.dir" value="${basedir}\src" /> <property environment="env" /

  • Ant with the Eclipse Integrated Analysis 2010-04-29

    Introduction Eclipse As a Java developer, you may sometimes feel the strict Java format. Loss of import declaration, to forget declare a variable, there is no semicolon, grammatical confusion, as well as the text editor's layout can cause Java compil

  • eclipse import ant project 2011-06-24

    Unlike maven directly to the IDE support (mvn eclipse: eclipse-DdownloadSources = true-DdownloadJavaDocs = true), ant does not have such an order so if you need to import ant eclipse project need to add two. ClassPath. Project file. As follows: . Pro

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    Replies after watching the (absolute classic) Ant Ant development <br /> the emergence of the truth, a great help to the java programmer is imitated by the other language tools. Really strong ah. 1. Of Between learning new tools, and even of people

  • Ant development one (but only the best) 2010-12-04

    Replies to look after the (absolute classic) Ant Ant development <br /> To be honest the emergence of great help to the java programmer, but also other languages emulating tool. Really powerful ah. 1 Author Between learning new tools, even the autho

  • Running Nutch in Eclipse 2015-04-22

    1.安装前需要先把hadoop环境成功跑起来. 2.打开,,然后搜索"RunNutchInEclipse",即可找到教程了.RunNutchInEclipse 3.注意Prerequisites部分,首先ant是安装在操作系统上,不是安装在eclipse上:其次maven插件在eclipse已经自带了,不需要安装:svn插件linux和windows通用,直接拷贝windows下的svn插件的plugins和features到linux下的ec

  • Tomcat 7 run Servlet 3 2010-04-02

    The first to point out: Tomcat 7 is still on the trunk, and no official release. But would like to try, if not impossible, in the SVN in the Tomcat 7 detection, and then the local compilation on the list. Of course, you can use NETBEANS 6.8, the use

  • Use maven to build the development environment 2011-08-30

    maven ---- POM Project Object Model Introduction to participate in specific Baidu Baike This straightforward introduction in how to use maven to build eclipse development environment, Prepare the environment: ec

  • Android 开发最佳实践 2015-03-22

    从Futurice公司Android开发者中学到的经验. 遵循以下准则,避免重复发明轮子.若您对开发iOS或Windows Phone 有兴趣, 请看iOS Good Practices和Windows client Good Practices这两篇文章. 摘要 使用 Gradle 和它推荐的工程结构 把密码和敏感数据放在 不要自己写 HTTP 客户端,使用Volley或OkHttp库 使用Jackson库解析JSON数据 避免使用Guava同时使用一些类库来

  • java任职要学的书 2012-08-27

    n 完整.系统学习过Java语言基本知识,至少掌握java.lang, java.io和java.utils几个包中的API的用法. n 读过<Java编程思想>.<Java编程语言>.<Effective Java>.<企业应用架构模式>等Java编程方面的名著. n 读过<设计模式>.<重构>.<代码大全>.<领域驱动设计>等提高开发质量的书籍 n 熟悉常用的Java开发类库和框架,如Spring, Gui

  • Hadoop源码阅读环境搭建 2015-03-29

    1.hadoop原始目录结构参考: 2.我们下载的hadoop并不是一个eclipse工程,需要将其转换为eclipse工程才能导入eclipse.版本官方提供的hadoop是用ant工具作为项目管理工具的,因此,我们需要用ant将其转换为eclipse工程.具体过程如下: (1).安装必须工具: a.安装ant yum install ant b.安装 libtool yum install libtool c.安装ant-apache-regexp yum install ant-apach

  • Quick Start Eclipse using Ant 2010-04-18

    The current Eclipse is integrated ant, this article shows how to use the eclipse ant. 1. New Java Project-New Java file package example; public class HelloWorld ( public static void main (String [] args) ( System.out.p

  • Ant compile bug under Eclipse 2010-09-06

    Recently doing an ant build target the implementation of the frequently encountered as part of the inexplicably stopped, and then try the "ant built ..." the way issues are resolved. Today colleagues share that problem. Cache the initial suspici

  • Ant build the project one case, eclipse, there is svn code management. 2010-09-22 build.home =. / build dist.home =. / dist = myprj =. / report / junit =. / report / coverage myprj.lib.dir =. / WEB-INF/lib myprj.libtest.dir =. / WEB-INF/libtest findbugs.home = C

  • Basic Guide & Ant Ant and Eclipse integration analysis 2010-12-05

    Ant Basic Guide Analysis with the Eclipse Ant integration template:

  • Flexibility in Eclipse using ant build web applications 2010-12-15

    Preface ant java developers kit is an important part, junit, xdoclet and so closely associated with it, the programmer may be used to provide automatic construction of IDE, and even the function of the deployment, which ignored the ant itself, in fac

  • On the "eclipse run ant build.xml file complie javac stop" phenomenon and the approach 2011-01-08

    If the keyword "eclipse run the ant build.xml file complie javac stop" in Google search, you will get some questions about this phenomenon. In the last month and this month I ran into this problem, respectively: from another machine to copy over

  • (Turn) manually upgrade Eclipse's Ant plugin 2011-05-04

    (Turn) manually upgrade Eclipse's Ant plugin Package Android sdk3.0 package today, prompted ant1.80 or later, the default installation of eclipse version is 1.70, online search, I know the manual way to upgrade Ant ant current version is 1.7.1, use i