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On a space Android Styles & Themes (1) - Style Style introduced the magic charm, the following effects continue to experience the Theme. The same as Style, Theme <style> elements still inside it clear that reference is in the same way. The difference is that through the Android Manifest and <activity> <application> defined theme elements to add to the whole program or an Activity, but the theme is not used in a View in a separate.

An example of the definition of Theme

<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<style name="NewTheme" parent="android:Theme.Black">
<item name="android:windowNoTitle"> true </ item>
<item name="android:textSize"> 14sp </ item>
<item name="android:textColor"> # FFFF0000 </ item>
</ Style>
</ Resources>

The definition of the above resources, I believe we see at, needs to be emphasized here is: some resources used in the definition of @ symbol and? Symbols to refer to resources. , The role of these two symbols are explained as follows:

  • @ Shows that our application resources are defined through the front (or the previous project, the framework or Android).
  • ? That the value of our resources referenced in the current definition of the subject were too.

These skills can only be used among XML resources

Theme in the program using the method

protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) (
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
setTheme (;
setContentView (R.layout.main);
It should be noted that the theme of resources for reference, resource ID is not a file name (theme.xml), but the resource name (NewTheme). After running the interface shown below:

Application of Theme in AndroidManifest.xml

  • In order to use among all current Activity Theme, you can open AndroidManifest.xml file, edit <application> label, let contain android: theme attribute value is the name of a theme, such as: <application android: theme = "@ style / NewTheme ">.
  • If you only want one program which Activity has the Theme, you can modify <activity> label. Android provides several built-in resources, there are several Theme you can switch without having to write your own. For example you can use the dialog box to make your Activity Theme looks like a dialog box. Defined in the manifest, for example: <activity android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Dialog">
  • If you prefer a Theme, but to do some minor changes, just to add to this Theme for the parent. Android SDK provides us with a lot of ready-made Theme, some are listed below:
    Android Styles & Themes (next) - Theme

    For example: we modify the Theme.Dialog Theme, inheritance Theme.Dialog to generate a new Theme. <style parent="@android:style/Theme.Dialog">
    Inherited Theme.Dialog, we can adjust according to our requirements Theme. We can modify the definition in the Theme.Dialog in the value of each item element, and then we use in the Android Manifest file NewDialogTheme not Theme.Dialog.

Summary Description

Relatively simple example above, also found in the use of many problems, such as Android SDK a theme.xml defined as follows:
<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?>
<style name="CustomTheme">
<item name="android:windowNoTitle"> true </ item>
<item name="windowFrame"> @ drawable / screen_frame </ item>
<item name="windowBackground"> @ drawable / screen_background_white </ item>
<item name="panelForegroundColor"> # FF000000 </ item>
<item name="panelBackgroundColor"> # FFFFFFFF </ item>
<item name="panelTextColor">? panelForegroundColor </ item>
<item name="panelTextSize"> 14 </ item>
<item name="menuItemTextColor">? panelTextColor </ item>
<item name="menuItemTextSize">? panelTextSize </ item>
</ Style>
</ Resources>

This example looks, it was found a few places not meet the specifications:

  1. item name without the prefix attribute some of Android, Android SDK that it seems inconsistent with the norms defined, standardized Xiangjie read AndroidManifest.xml file structure description ;
  2. <item name="panelTextSize"> 14 </ item>, the value of the lack of units, should be 14sp;

Reference to the program this theme, we found the following error: Error: no resource found that matches the given name: panelForegroundColor, this error is astonishing. Android SDK provides examples of procedures previously found some minor problems, such as: XML file in less symbol. "Theme Wendang because of the definition of which properties in the end there, Google did not provide documentation shows that this error does not know how changes. In the next google online, many people have found this problem, currently no one specific solution is given, we will continue to in-depth research Theme, have the same problem in the follow-up length in the solution to the problem .

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